The Stone's Soul


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Lexxie Couper

Published 2016 by Book Boutiques.

ISBN: 978-1-944003-63-0

Copyright © 2016, Lexxie Couper.

All rights reserved.



Kilauea, Hawaii Island, 1542 A.D.

You dare reject me, mortal?”

Kale stared at the woman before him. Her glare, hotter than his blade, seemed to sear his skin. The very air around him turned to a scalding heat. The ground at his feet trembled. Shook. Threatened to crack beneath him and swallow him into its molten heart. He’d known rejecting her risked his life, but he would be no woman’s play-thing, dark goddess of his people or no.

“Yes,” he answered, drawing a slow breath. It blistered his lips, singed his lungs.

And yet, even in the face of destruction, he didn’t waver.

In surrendering to what the volcano goddess demanded of him, he’d be destroying that far more real than his life. He’d be destroying the memory of his wife…his child…

Pele’s laughter, cruel and bitter like the ash on the angry wind, lashed at him. “Your heart is open to me, Kale. I see the woman there. That mewling infant. Why? They are vanquished from your life. They hold no bond over you now.”

Kale’s gut clenched in disgust. He let his hate—both for the goddess and himself—fill his face. “My heart shattered the night I lost my sweet Lani and our baby girl, Pele. It never became yours.”

Pele ran eyes the intensity of an inferno over his naked body. “And yet, I made you Ali’i, High Chief of your tribe.”

“You also milked my body of orgasm after vile orgasm.” Bile broiled in his stomach, coated the back of his mouth. Shame and anger warred within him. “No matter how I protested, you took that which had only ever belonged to Lani. You used my body, my aching need for my wife in every way your saw fit, insisting it would heal my ripped soul and yet all it bore in me was a self-hatred I will never escape. Now, my body—like my heart—is forever denied you. You will have to kill me before I let you touch me again.”.

The volcano goddess sneered, her exquisite beauty etched with furious contempt. “I will make your people suffer if you deny me.”

Guilt sliced at him. “And they will shun you if you do. They are stronger in soul than you will ever know. If I have done nothing else as their chief, I’ve given them that. They may not have ever seen your debasement of my body, but they have witnessed my strength in my grief and they will not forget that.”

Pele narrowed her eyes. “You scorn me, human?” Her lips—lips that had caressed his body with ravenous greed more than once—curled. “You reject me?”


Infinity swirled in her black stare. “Then I was foolish to take Lani.”

Kale’s heart thumped hard. His breath caught in his throat. “What do you mean, ‘take Lani’?”

Pele laughed, the sound cold and cruel. “I took her life force from her as she squeezed out your spawn. I had been watching you for many moons, my Ali’i, and my appetite for what I saw could no longer be suppressed. I removed the mortal obstacle and her offspring.”

Kale stared at her. Icy numbness gripped him, a cracked grief beyond comprehension. “Why would you do that?”

The goddess curled her lip again, disdain flashing across her impossibly beautiful face. “I share with no one.”

Fury detonated through Kale’s being. “You bitch. You fucking—”

“But now I see I was mistaken.” Pele cocked a sharp eyebrow. “Your body may be divine, but your heart…is pathetic. Unless you beg for my love, I must reject you.”

Murderous rage flooded. “You killed my wife, you killed my unborn child and you expect me to love you? I will never love you, Pele! My days of worshipping you, of being your sexual slave, are over.”

Pele’s ink-black eyes glowered. “You will not love me? I am Pele! The Volcano Goddess. The Goddess of fire. Your Goddess! If you will not love me then you are incapable of love.”

Kale shook his head, his chest a twisted knot of rage and grief. “No, Pele. I have loved more deeply than you would ever, could ever understand. My heart is capable of love, my heart is just not yours.”

The goddess laughed. “Ha! Your heart is cold. Hard. You are like a precious stone, just as beautiful and just as cold.” Her eyes shimmered, swirled with the life of a million stars. “Let it be as I say, then. Until you know love again, until your heart is hot with passion once more, a precious stone you will be.”

A chilling smile stretched Her lips. She lifted Her hands toward Kale. “A stone the color of your eyes.”

True and unending agony flooded through Kale. Every molecule in his body began to burn, a frozen heat of inescapable pressure. He threw back his head, his scream tearing from his throat.

And then, everything became still.

And was gone.

Chapter 1

Present day

The Discovery

Jordynn Harrison looked at the small, dirt-encrusted stone in her hand. Something about it puzzled her. It didn’t look right. About the size of a walnut, its rough surface seemed somehow unnatural. Too concise in formation. She raised it close to her face, rolling it between her thumb and fingers, searching for clues in its texture. Hmmm. Definitely not igneous. Maybe evaporitic, possibly metamorphic…

A soft warmth spread through her fingers. A tingling heat.

Jordynn frowned. She brought the stone closer still, studying it intently. No naturally formed stone she knew of conducted heat without a heat source, and despite the humid mid-summer morning, she didn’t think the dormant Hawaiian Mauna Kea volcano constituted as a heat source. Nor, for that matter, did her fingers.

She cocked an eyebrow. “Odd.”

Without warning, a blistering heat singed her fingers, like she’d closed them around the molten tip of a fire poker. With a sharp and totally undignified yelp, Jordynn dropped the stone. “Ow!” She studied her stinging fingers. Long, slightly calloused and ingrained with dirt. Typical geologist’s fingers. Yet, despite the pain radiating from their tips, free of any blisters or reddening burn marks.

Jordynn frowned, turning her inspection to the hastily dropped stone at her feet. Gingerly, she picked it up. Small, dull and cold. Hardly anything to make her cry out like a little girl. She turned it over and over, gnawing on her bottom lip as she did so. Something about it looked…wrong.

She spat on the stone’s grimy surface and smeared away some of its crusted dirt.

A chill rippled up her arm, lifting the fine hairs on her skin and making her nipples pinch into tight peaks. Jordynn blinked, staring at the now dullish-green stone in her hand. What the…?

Another chill shot up her arm, followed by a wave of pulsating heat.

Her pussy clenched in response, as though replying to an unknown question.

Dis she want to be filled?

Oh yes, please!

“What the hell?” Her mutter echoed softly through the silence and she blinked.

Unease crashed over her and she swallowed a sudden lump in her throat. Silence? In the forest? She tore her stare from the strange stone to look out at the lush Hawaiian rainforest.

And saw a man standing on Mauna Kea’s rim.

A naked man, with long, glossy-black hair and deeply bronzed, brown skin stretched over hard, sculpted muscles.

A naked man staring at her through thick, black lashes with piercing eyes the color of wild limes.

Jordynn started, dropping the stone again.

The man disappeared. Just like that. One second there, the next, gone.

Jordynn’s throat squeezed tight. “What the hell?”

She spun about, searching the landscape surrounding her. Nothing. Just towering koa, choking vines, spreading ‘Ama’u ferns, a cloudless blue sky and the volcano’s rim.

Jordynn shook her head. Okay, so she was seeing things. Maybe it was time to head back to the cabin and take a break. She shot a look at her watch. She’d been collecting stone and mineral samples on Mauna Kea’s rim for the last five hours. Removing her cap, she dragged her fingers through her hair, grimacing at the grimy sweat slicking her scalp. Okay, she definitely needed a break—and a shower—after which she’d lay out what she’d collected today and begin to make notes.

She flicked her gaze to the unusual stone lying beside her right foot, frowning at the faint hint of green glinting through the dirt-encrusted surface. Green the same hue as the man’s eyes.

“Oh for Pete’s sake,” Jordynn growled before squatting down and scooping up the stone. “There was no man. Idiot.”

Slight, gentle heat licked at her fingers, tingling her palm, and she frowned again, stuffing the stone into her canvas specimen bag. A soft beat throbbed between her thighs—wet and insistent—but she ignored it. She needed a break. Really. She was on the verge of losing her mind!

* * * *

His tongue lashed at her clit. Laved it with furious fervor. She arched her back, forcing her sex harder to his talented mouth as she fisted the sheets below her. God, what was she doing?

Getting tongue-fucked by a complete stranger.

Jordynn’s heart leapt into frantic flight. Yes, that’s exactly what she was doing. The best tongue-fucking of her life, in fact. She stared at the ceiling through heavy-lidded eyes, her body hot and slicked with sweat, her pulse a trip-hammer in her neck.

Fuck. The anonymity of the situation was intoxicating. Why had she never done this before?

Because you’ve never let anyone this close before?

Because you’re asleep?

Before she could digest the questions, the tongue in her sex moved to her ass and she bucked, a cry of rapturous surprise bursting from her. It echoed around the small confines of the cabin, bounced off the crude wooden walls and came back to her, mingling with the soft moans now slipping past her lips. This was not how she’d planned to spend the afternoon.

She shouldn’t be doing this. She shouldn’t be letting him…

His hands, large and strong and masterful, claimed her breasts, cupping each with steady pressure. She writhed beneath him, pleasure rolling through her like a velvet fog, clouding rational thought. Oh God, what was happening?

The hands on her breasts grew fiercer, long fingers finding her taut nipples with a pinch. She gasped and arched again, bucking her hips higher. “Yes.”

His tongue laved at the puckered hole of her ass in reply, his fingers twisting her nipples in counterpoint. It drove her wild and she tossed her head from side to side, overcome by unadulterated pleasure.

The head between her legs lifted, two piercing eyes the color of wild limes staring down at her. Free the stone.

His lips didn’t move. Jordynn sucked in a breath. His lips didn’t move but she heard the smoky smoothness of his deep voice all the same.

Free the stone.

She shook her head at the words. They made no sense, but then, neither did the scalding lust surging through her. How did she know the man between her legs? Did she know him? Was she awake? Or just in the throes of the most amazing sex dream of her life?

Do any of the answers matter?

“Oh God.” Her moan floated on the still air.

His eyes flashed, seemed to glow with an inner light. His body grew hotter, scalding her flesh. His hands on her breasts grew savage, flooding her pussy with excited heat. His fingers pinched her nipples, rolled the distended tips between the thumb and forefinger of both hands. She bowed her back, pressing her breasts harder to his attention. Damn, she felt on fire. Her sex was throbbing, her pussy lips swollen and sodden with her juices. Her clit ached and she thrust her hips upward, wanting his masterful mouth to return to her sex. “Please,” she ground out through clenched teeth.

A chuckle slipped from his lips and green fire danced in his intense stare. Smoldering desire. Devilish mirth. I know you want more…

Dropping his head slightly, he blew a fine stream of cool air on her flushed sex. She drove her heels into the mattress, arching her back more and lifting her cream-slicked slit closer to his teasing mouth. Her clit ached for the touch of his tongue and teeth.

Another stream of cool breath tickled her pussy, followed by long, hard fingers parting her folds. She sucked in a quick breath, hot anticipation flooding through her core. The fingers explored her sex, charting a languid path from the hooded button of her clit to the smooth area of her perineum. He blew on her wet folds again, his breath a cool kiss on her fevered skin, before dipping one long, hard finger into her slit.

Jordynn’s pussy muscles instantly contracted, squeezing tightly on the sensual invasion. He penetrated her slowly, his thumb rolling circles over her clit as he pushed his finger deeper into her sex. Liquid heat washed through her, pinching her nipples tight. She knotted her fists in the sheets beside her, ramming her heels harder to the bed, levering the lower half of her body higher, harder to his hand. “God, yes!” She dragged in a ragged breath, eyelids fluttering closed at the heady muskiness of her desire on the air. A wave of rising tension rolled through the pit of her belly. Fuck, she was close to erupting.

His finger pumped her folds, painting his hand and her inner thighs with her juices. She whimpered, sex constricting. He withdrew his finger slightly, wriggling it as he did so. With a slight rotation of his wrist, he plunged two fingers back into her pussy.

Jordynn bucked, her whimper turning into a low, hoarse moan. The soles of her feet tingled, electricity licking up her spine. “Oh…oh, I’m going to—”

His lips suddenly closed over her clit, teeth nipping at the swollen tip of flesh and Jordynn’s raw statement caught in her throat, replaced by a choked cry of surprised rapture. He sucked at her clit, tongued her folds. Slipping his fingers from her sex, he punished her slit with his mouth.

A shudder racked her body, a spasm of pleasure base and elemental. Her orgasm swelled through her, stronger, stronger. He devoured it with his tongue, drinking her cream as it gushed from her. She fisted the sheets, ramming her hips upward, shoving her spread, sodden sex to his mouth. “Fuck!” she cried out, fisting the sheets below her. “Oh God, more!”


The word whispered through her pleasure-drugged mind as, slowly, the tongue lapping at her folds grew thicker, stronger. It penetrated her deeply, growing, growing until her pussy lips burned with a stretching heat and her contracting sex clamped down on a massive, driving cock.

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