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Ashton Heights Fire - An Erotic Contemporary Romance series

Ashton Heights, Australia...where the flames of passion are burning out of control!

Burning Up

Ashton Heights Fire, Book 1

Pam Spencer is sick of looking for love in all the wrong places. Sure, she wants a solid relationship, but if steamy casual sex is on offer, who is she to turn it down? Especially when the offer comes from not one, but two smokin' hot firefighters. Word Count: 22,500 | Heat Level: 4

Giving Off Sparks

Ashton Heights Fire, Book 2

Firefighter Rob McConnell doesn't believe in love at first sight, until he meets Sierra Lawson and his common sense goes up in flames. The woman sets his heart alight and he could swear the feeling is mutual. But Sierra has one rule that makes a relationship between them unworkable--she doesn't date firefighters. Word Count: 25,000 | Heat Level: 4

Hot In Here

Ashton Heights Fire, Book 3

Ally figures fooling around with a couple of hot firefighters is a one-time deal. Her over protective family can barely stand the idea of her having one boyfriend. Introducing them to two could cause mass hysteria. But after one night of lethally hot loving, she's seriously tempted to go back for more... Word Count: 35,500 | Heat Level: 4

Erica's Choise

Prequel: Ashton Heights Fire, Book 4

High school teacher Erica Shannon isn’t a one-night stand kind of girl. Pair that with an aversion to relationships, and she’s resigned to no love life at all. Then one horrifying discovery propels her into the arms of the stars of her midnight fantasies – sexy firefighters Corey Wachawski and Dale ‘Griff’ Griffin. Word Count: 82,000 | Heat Level: 4

Sunset series

A Contemporary Erotic Romance series

Chasing Sunset

Sunset, Book 1

Sidney McCall has finally found a place to call home in Graceville. She also has the perfect boyfriend. Hunky chef Drew Buchanan is charming, romantic, and completely devoted to her. Her life would be perfect if only the whole commitment thing didn't give her night sweats. Word Count: 30,500 | Heat Level: 4

Sunset Knight

Sunset, Book 2

More than ready to shed her shyness—and her virginity—Lana Green is looking for a lover. The aloof bad boy she's always wanted is back in town, but Brody Nash barely knows she's alive. . . right? An impulsive, fiery kiss makes her believe otherwise. Word Count: 30,500 | Heat Level: 4

Non-Series Titles

Sami’s stand-alone titles include, contemporary romance, erotic romance, and romantic comedy!


Image consultant Libby Allison has been hired to whip Jake into shape in preparation for his coming book tour. The second she gets a load of Jake's stained T-shirts and shaggy hair, she knows an image overhaul is overdue. If only Jake wasn't so averse to every little change she makes. And if only she wasn't wildly attracted to him, despite his aggravating views on women and relationships. Find out if their chemistry beat out their common sense? Word Count: 55,000 | Heat Level: 3

Seducing Mr. Wrong

A new town. A new life. A new love. And, the same old Kelsey! KD McKinley isn't looking for love. He's just renovating Kelsey's house to help out his ill stepfather. But smart and sexy Kelsey proves impossible to resist. Pretty soon, KD is reconsidering the whole white-picket-fence thing. However, his Miss Right thinks he's all wrong and KD isn't sure if he can convince her otherwise… Find out if KD can convince Kelsey they're made for each other before she marries the wrong guy! Word Count: 55,500 | Heat Level: 3

Fijian Fling

Dumped by her boyfriend and on thin ice in her law career, Sophie Edison badly needs to re-evaluate her life. She escapes to her favorite hideaway on the tropical island of Fiji, where the attentions of the resort owner—the enigmatic and lethally sexy Dominick 'Nick' Dufour—prove a temptation too great to resist. Nick's obvious desire to take her to bed is just the salve her battered confidence needs, and she embarks on an affair that leads her to unchartered waters. Before long she starts to wonder if she can ever go back to her old life. Word Count: 16,000 | Heat Level: 3

Pleasing the Doctor

It's been a year since Alice's divorce, a year since her lady parts have gotten any up-close-and-personal attention from a man. When she meets Damien and he invites her back to his hotel room, she decides to be wild and brave for a change. After all, it's just one night. His card says he's an out-of-town doctor-it's the perfect chance for her to explore some of her deepest desires without having to worry about after-sex embarrassment. Except Damien isn't an out-of-towner at all and he knows he can give her the kind of pleasure she secretly craves. Word Count: 24,500 | Heat Level: 4


Twelve months ago Cassie Dalton fled Sydney and her three-year marriage to tough city cop, Reed. Now she’s living a new life chartering tourists around the pristine tropical waters of the Whitsunday Passage on her inherited yacht, The Rendezvous. Despite having unresolved feelings for her estranged husband, she sends divorce papers in her desperation to move on. To her surprise the move shakes Reed out of his emotional hibernation and brings him to north Queensland, determined to win her back. Word Count: 16,500 | Heat Level: 3

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