Red Queen

Scoundrels, Book 3

Mari Carr

Chapter 1

Pass me the rum, Becca.”

Becca Preston grabbed the bottle of Bacardi and handed it to Bill before powering up the blender on her own batch of daiquiris.

“Becca, when you get a chance I need two Heinekens and a vodka tonic.” Belinda, the new waitress, reached across the counter to grab a handful of cocktail napkins. “Is this place always so crazy?”

Becca grinned as she popped the tops off the beer bottles and stirred the mixed drink. “There’s a new show opening tonight. That always guarantees a full house.”

Belinda gave her an exhausted look, murmured a quick word of thanks, then darted off to deliver the drinks.

Emma, part owner of Scoundrels, sank down on a barstool at the end of the counter. “We’re screwed.”

Becca tried to decide if she’d heard her boss correctly. The music was blaring, making it difficult to hear anything that wasn’t shouted. “Why?”

Emma’s shoulders slumped. “Angie fell down the stairs at her building. She’s in an ambulance right now on her way to the hospital. EMT thinks she broke her ankle.”

“Shit.” Suddenly Becca understood Emma’s concern. Angie was tonight’s lead in one of the sex fantasy shows Scoundrels, one of L.A.’s hottest night spots, was famous for. Emma jokingly referred to the erotic entertainment she created as “classy porn.”

The shows were hot, while never quite crossing over a line that would get the actors arrested for performing lewd acts in a public place. Emma delved into people’s darkest fantasies, creating the illusion of sex on stage. The shows pulled in patrons from all walks of life—blue-collar, businessmen, even movie execs—and several Scoundrels actors had actually gotten their big breaks after being discovered by producers who attended the shows under the guise of searching for new talent.

After six years as a Scoundrels bartender, Becca had learned sex evened out life’s playing field. Everyone who walked through the doors came partly out of curiosity, but mainly because they wanted to see their own sexual fantasies brought to life.

Becca flicked a quick look at the patrons sitting at the bar. Everyone seemed good, so she gave Bill a nod. “I’m taking five.”

Bill nodded and continued filling a couple of pitchers.

Becca walked around the counter, leaning against the railing next to Emma. “So what are you going to do?”

While Emma was essentially her boss, Becca had also come to view her as a friend. Both of them were professional enough to recognize the line between personal and business. They never let it become blurred. Becca didn’t shirk her responsibilities or expect special treatment simply because she was friends with Emma, or because her father was a Hollywood legend and everyone knew Becca didn’t really need the job. And Emma didn’t play favorites. Period.

Emma shrugged. “I don’t have a clue. Tonight’s huge. A sell-out. I’ve been advertising the surprise actor for weeks. His appearance here is going to be a major coup for us.”

“So you keep saying, but since I don’t know who tonight’s lead is, I can’t really sympathize.” Emma had been remarkably tight-lipped about the show’s leading man. No matter how many times Becca begged for a hint, Emma simply gave her a slight smile and told her she’d find out when everyone else did—the moment the man walked on the stage.

Emma rubbed her eyes wearily. “Doesn’t matter now. We’re forty-five minutes away from show time and I don’t have a leading lady.”

“Why don’t you do it?” The answer seemed fairly simple. Emma was no stranger to the Scoundrels stage, typically performing with her sexy husband, Jack, once a month.

Emma shook her head. “I only act with Jack.”

“Surely he’d understand.”

“It’s not about him. I just couldn’t perform with another man. Jack’s the only one who…” Emma’s words faded away, but Becca filled in the blanks. Emma and Jack were ridiculously devoted to each other. In fact, Emma had fallen in love with her Black Jack while acting out a pirate fantasy on the Scoundrels stage.

“So call in another actress.”

Emma shot her a dirty look. “Inspired idea, Bec. You think I haven’t thought of that? Shea’s upstairs right now, dialing the phone off the hook, but even if she manages to find someone, there’s no time to get them in costume and character.” Emma glanced at her cell. “I need my actress here in the next ten minutes in order to start this show on time.”

“What about one of the waitresses?” Becca suggested.

Emma looked around the bar area, considering the idea. Then she sighed. “No. None of them would last five minutes with my actor. I need someone stronger, more self-confident, not easily intimidated.” Emma’s gaze landed on Becca and held.

Becca raised her hand. “Forget it. I don’t act.”

“You don’t have to.”

Becca frowned. “What does that mean?”

“It won’t be an act for you because it’s your fantasy. Remember when we went to lunch at Bouchon in Beverly Hills a couple months ago?”

Becca nodded, catching Emma’s drift immediately. “What have you done?”

Emma grinned guiltily. “I was struggling to come up with an idea for this month’s show and your fantasy was pretty hot. I decided I could do some wicked things with the lighting and the music and with the right actor…” Emma gave her a hopeful look.

“I’m not going on stage to perform for the entertainment of three hundred perverts.”

Emma laughed. “My patrons aren’t perverts. Much.”

“Everyone’s a pervert deep down. How many men do you have backstage, ready to act this out?”

Emma raised her eyebrows wickedly. “Three.”

Becca’s mouth went dry, recalling when she and Emma had indulged in a margarita lunch date at Bouchon. The alcohol left them both giddy and talkative. When Emma revealed that she and Jack enjoyed exhibitionism—sex in public, Becca suddenly understood why they thrived on the Scoundrels stage. The fantasies they recreated were so hot, they melted the paint off the walls. After Emma shared her secret, Becca let it slip that her darkest desire was to be taken, captured, held down by two men while ravished by a third.

Now Emma was offering her a chance to live out the fantasy. It was a tempting gift, if only it didn’t come with the damn audience. Then another memory hit. “Who’s the leading man?”

Emma didn’t reply immediately, her friend’s silence setting off an alarm in Becca’s mind. “Give me an answer first.”

“Excuse me?”

Emma didn’t relent. “Say you’ll do the show and I’ll tell you who the actor is.”

Becca scowled. “What kind of game are you playing?”

Emma looked at her phone again, biting her lip nervously. Then, she raised her gaze to Becca and said the one thing guaranteed to put her on the stage. “Please, Becca, help me.”

* * * *

Becca stood outside the dressing room door, feeling like the world’s biggest fool. Offering to help Emma by the bar had seemed easy. Then she’d walked backstage and made the mistake of looking out into the audience. Every seat was filled. She was so fucked.

Before Emma could tell her who the leading man was, a small scuffle broke out near the entrance. Emma had told her to get in costume—apparently there was a nightgown hanging behind the door—and she’d be along soon to give her a breakdown of the show.

The Scoundrels shows always ran for one month. Different actors enacted each night’s unscripted performance, so the show was never exactly the same. Emma simply created a sexy scenario and encouraged the performers to put their own spin on the plotline.

Becca entered the dressing room. The room was dimmer than she’d expected, illuminated only by the lights surrounding the mirror.

Great. The mysterious leading man wasn’t even here yet.

Tonight was destined to be a bust. She started to flip the light switch on the wall, but froze when she heard a deep voice say, “Don’t.”

She glanced around the shadows and discovered she wasn’t alone. “It’s too dark in here. I need to get into my costume.”

The man chuckled. “Then by all means. Turn on the light. I don’t mind a clearer view of you getting naked, queen.”

“Parker?” No wonder Emma hadn’t told her who the leading man was. Her friend hadn’t kept the secret from Becca. It was for Becca.

Four years earlier, Parker Banks had earned a living at Scoundrels as a waiter before, after nearly a year of begging, Emma finally gave the aspiring actor a shot on the stage. Emma had said after his performance he was too good for their little nightclub show and she’d been correct.

A talent scout had approached Parker that very night and, from that point on, his career skyrocketed, earning him countless roles as a big-screen heartthrob and a spot as one of People’s Most Beautiful People last year.

As a waiter, Parker had harassed Becca for months, begging her to go out with him, but she’d put him off, declaring she didn’t date actors. A lifetime of dealing with her famous father’s numerous wives, mistresses and casual affairs had jaded her forever. She’d told Parker he would simply have to settle for friendship—and he had. They’d become best friends, hanging out after hours, watching movies, devouring lots of pizza, and sharing their dreams for the future. Becca didn’t make friends easily, and apart from Emma and Shea, Parker had been on the very short list of people she genuinely trusted and cared about.

Then, stardom struck and the two of them drifted apart. Parker spent months each year on location, while Becca worked long hours at Scoundrels, trying to escape her father’s enormous shadow. Parker had called a few times to check on her, but their friendship had been put on the back burner as real life and Parker’s insane schedule conspired against them.

During Parker’s three years in the spotlight, he’d proven her assumptions about actors true, as he’d been romantically linked with no less than six different women—actresses, models, dancers. All of the women had been famous and stunningly beautiful. Typical.

Parker rose from his chair and approached her. She forced herself to remain still, while every fiber of her being told her to get the hell out of the room. Parker Banks was danger personified to a way of life she’d remained true to forever. She would never be the groupie girlfriend, content to accept however many minutes Parker chose to bestow on her. Given his track record, the average time between hot to not in his bedroom was around three months.

“What are you doing here?”

He stood directly in front of her. Close enough that she could smell the light scent of his shampoo and detect the slightest trace of peppermint on his breath. “Acting.”

His answer was too pat, too simple. “Isn’t this sort of taking a huge step backwards, Hollywood?”

He shook his head. “No. When Emma described the role to me, I had to have the part, had to claim opening night.”

“You might come to regret that request. Angie broke her ankle. I’m filling in.”

His smile grew and realization dawned hard.

“Angie didn’t fall, did she?”

Parker shrugged as Becca struggled to take a deep breath. What were he and Emma up to? What were they trying to achieve?

“I see. I think Emma should find another—”

Parker grasped her face in his hands, tugging her closer. “You’re not going anywhere but on that stage, Bec.”

Her lungs seized at the thought of acting out her private fantasy with the man who actually starred in it night after night.

He pressed a soft kiss to her forehead. “I’ve missed you.”

She couldn’t help it. She scoffed. “Yeah. Every time I turn around, the tabloids are proclaiming how lonely you are with the current Miss Drop Dead Gorgeous Blonde. I imagine it’s been pretty rough for you.”

Parker didn’t take offense at her snide comment. “I see you’re still a smart ass. Nice to know that hasn’t changed.”

“I’m not doing this.”

Parker stroked her cheek, the touch an incredible blend of comfort and seduction. Becca’s nipples tightened and her stomach clenched. Then he pushed her back against the closed dressing room door. “You’re wrong. You are.”


He reached for the hem of her t-shirt. Becca jerked, gripping his wrists to stop him from tugging the cotton over her head.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Getting you accustomed to my touch. You can’t flinch like that on stage. You’re supposed to want me.”

Oh, she wanted him, but she couldn’t let him see that. She refused to be another name on his list of sexual conquests. Her heart simply couldn’t take it if he seduced her, then tossed her aside.

Rather than admit the truth, she latched onto the out he provided. “Which is exactly why this won’t work.”

He shook off her grip and slipped his hands beneath her shirt, stroking her bare skin.

She tried to force air to her lungs, but somewhere along the line, she’d lost the ability to breathe.

Fortunately, Parker didn’t try to kiss her. There was no way she’d find the strength to break away from him if he did. One taste and she’d be a goner.

“That’s better,” he murmured when she relaxed under his soft caresses. “Should I build the scene for you, Becca? Tell you what’s going to happen on the stage tonight?”

“Emma said she would do that.”

Parked placed a gentle kiss on her cheek, his breath hot against the sensitive skin there. “Emma’s not coming back here.”

His words confirmed her suspicions. After Becca revealed her fantasy, Emma had asked if she had anyone in mind to play her leading man. Becca had blurted out Parker’s name before she could think better of it.

Fucking margaritas. She’d tried to pass it off as a joke, but clearly the damage had been done. “The two of you set me up.”

Parker shook his head. “No. Emma helped me set us up.”

“There is no us.”

“Are you so sure of that?” His lips descended on her ear and, taking the lobe between his teeth, he bit down gently.

“I don’t want this.” Yeah right. Liar liar, pussy on fire.

It was Parker’s turn to scoff. “You’re not going to push me away anymore. This was inevitable.”

Becca closed her eyes, fighting for the ability to step away from him. It was a futile effort. “This is just a fantasy, Parker. Playacting. So give me the scene. And let’s get this over with.”

Chapter 2

Parker resisted the urge to fist pump the air. Becca would go onstage with him and he’d show her why the reality of the two of them was going to be a hell of a lot better than her damn fantasy. He wouldn’t rest until she realized exactly how much he wanted her.

His mother had always accused him of being a closet romantic, swearing that for all his swaggering and strutting around women, when love came it would take him down hard and forever. Parker had dismissed his mother’s comment, calling it a load of bullshit until the day he laid eyes on Becca Preston. She’d given him a sassy smile, then made a dirty joke. Two minutes later, he’d fallen in love with tough-as-nails, sexy-as-sin redhead.

Unfortunately, bad timing and Becca conspired against him. Now that he had his career on track, it was time to take control of the personal front. When Emma called him a couple of months ago and shared Becca’s fantasy, he’d decided he wasn’t going to let Becca’s fears and fucked-up ideas about actors and infidelity stand in his way.

He grasped her t-shirt and pulled it over her head before she could refuse him again.

Becca started to cover herself, but he clasped her hands, tugging them to the door, holding them against the wood by her head. She struggled for a few seconds, but lust soon took over, slowed her motions, overpowered the part of her that wanted to resist him.

Now that he knew her secret, he was ready. He’d keep her so aroused she couldn’t find a reason to walk away.

“You’ll be onstage alone at first,” he whispered.

“On the bed?”

“Yes. The fantasy is a dream sequence. Your dream.”

She closed her eyes to avoid his penetrating stare. Was it embarrassment or annoyance that drove the action? Becca cleared her throat, betraying her discomfort. “Emma misunderstood.”

He laughed quietly. “No, she didn’t. And if you continue to lie to me, Bec, I’ll punish you.”

Her eyelids fluttered, her narrowed gaze finding his. She wouldn’t be easily commanded. He was glad about that.

“Big words.” She tried to sound tough, but he was on to her game now. In the past, she’d pushed him away with that stupid no actors dating rule. Becca had serious trust issues. Because of that, she pushed men away—hard. Now, he understood that what she wanted was someone who found her worthy of fighting for. Even if that meant doing battle with Becca herself.

She’d pushed him away for the last time. That wasn’t going to work tonight. Tonight he was pushing back, claiming what he—no, what they—wanted.

He lowered her hands, placing them at her sides. “Leave your hands there. Don’t move them unless I give you permission to do so.”

Parker unhooked her bra. She tried to keep the lace in place, but he was stronger than her. He pulled it away easily, then pushed her hands more forcefully to the wall. Becca whimpered softly, turned on by his power play. The independent woman was a closet submissive. Holy shit. His cock, already hard, thickened even more.

That knowledge encouraged him to take things to the next level. He started to tackle the buttons on her jeans.

“Parker.” Her eyes dilated and her breathing became more labored. He’d been around the block enough times to understand the reactions were pure lust, not a trace of fear.

“No more talking, Becca. You want this. I want this. Let’s stop pretending otherwise.” He stripped off her jeans and panties quickly, quietly instructing her to toe off her shoes as well. Becca’s hands balled into fists, but she kept them pressed against the wall. Once she was completely naked, he stepped back and took his long, first leisurely look at her body.

Becca’s skin flushed slightly under his perusal, but he knew her. Knew it wasn’t driven by modesty. She was hot. Red-hot. His fiery queen. He’d intended to stoke her arousal, turn her on, then send her out on the stage, heavy with lust and need. It would serve her right for pushing him away, for denying them years of this.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t in the mood to wait.

Parker reached for the tie on the robe he’d donned while waiting for his leading lady to arrive. Becca’s eyes widened when he shrugged off the material.

“Fuck,” she murmured.

He grinned, taking her curse as a compliment. His dick was rock hard and he was finished playing games. “Open your legs, Bec.”

She blinked rapidly. “You can’t seriously intend—”

“This is exactly what I intend.” Parker bent down to retrieve the condom he’d slipped into the pocket of his robe. He donned it quickly, then lifted one of her legs, drawing it high.

“Wet?” he asked.

She chuckled, the sound so purely Becca, Parker fought not to laugh with her. “What do you think?”

She was indomitable. Perfect.


He placed his cock at her opening and shoved in hard, fast. Becca’s head flew against the door as her hands reached out to grasp his shoulders. He didn’t correct her for moving them. Instead, he drove in deeper.

“God, Parker.”

Her voice grounded him, helped him stay in control. While there was nothing he wanted more than to take Becca with reckless abandon, he had a game plan. He pounded inside her one more time, then froze, balls deep inside her hot pussy.

Her eyelids fluttered open, confusion furrowing her eyebrows. “Don’t stop.”

He grinned. She didn’t get it. Yet. But she would. “You’re mine.”

Becca didn’t like his assertion. He knew she wouldn’t. “For now.”

His smile grew. Bringing the powerhouse Becca Preston around to his way of thinking would take time. But for Parker, the only outcome that was acceptable was the one where she wore his wedding ring on her finger. “From now on.”

She pushed against his shoulders, trying to shove him away. This time…he did react. He pulled free of her body, bending to retrieve the belt from his robe. Before she had a chance to react, he captured her wrists and secured them behind her back.

“What the fu—”

Parker kissed her, roughly. He thrust his tongue into her mouth, demonstrating exactly how much control he had over her. She twisted against him, trying to free her hands, but her efforts were futile.

After several tumultuous moments, she stilled, her lips softening against his as she not only accepted his kisses, but began to respond. Only when she calmed did he release her lips.

“That’s better. Good girl.” The comment stung. He’d known it would. In all her life, no man had ever tried to control Becca. She’d been raised as Hollywood royalty, a lifestyle that had chafed from the cradle. He’d adopted the nickname Queen for her because she’d perfected the haughty, untouchable routine.

Men deferred to her, tried to win her favor, in hopes of getting close to her father…or the family fortune. As a result, she’d donned a prickly suit of wicked barbs and dark scowls and held the hounds at bay, never letting anyone get close.

Until him.

He lifted her leg once more and pressed his cock deep inside her. This time, he moved slower, taking care to find every hot spot. Parker set a different pace with easy thrusts and slow retreats.

Becca’s eyes drifted closed, so he took advantage of the moment, studying her face. On the surface, she looked blissful, relaxed, happy. But the crease in her forehead told him that while she enjoyed this act, part of her was still fighting against what he was offering.

“Open your eyes.”

She obeyed instantly and Parker’s cock thickened even more.

She groaned. “God.” The word escaped on a breath.

Something told him this hard-on wasn’t going anywhere soon. He’d wanted Becca Preston for years, and while he knew his condition was going to get a lot worse before it got better, he couldn’t resist trying to take a bit of the edge off.

He pulled her long auburn hair to one side and placed a kiss on her neck, tugging her tresses hard enough to get her attention. Her breasts were so close he could feel her tight nipples against his chest. He intended to spend hours feasting on those sweet cherries later.

“I’m going to fuck you tonight after the show, Becca. I’m going to take you back to my place and spend hours pounding myself into this tight, hot pussy of yours.”

“No. Now is all you get.”

Parker nipped her shoulder, then shook his head. “Now is just an appetizer.” He pressed inside her one last time, deeper and with more force than he’d used all night.

She gasped, thrusting her hips forward, offering a silent invitation for more.

He sucked in a deep breath and gritted his teeth. Time to regroup.

Stepping away from her was one of the hardest things he’d ever done. When he stripped off the condom and tossed it in a trashcan, Becca’s response was true to character.

She went from aroused to enraged in a split second. “What the fuck are you doing? What kind of game is this?”

“This isn’t a game, Bec. It never will be.”

He retrieved his robe and put it back on before slipping the belt from her wrists. Parker half expected her to attack him, beat the shit out of him. His deep grinding in her body had only fueled her desire for more. Now he was withholding the treat, forcing her to wait.

Becca reached toward his cock, obviously intent on finishing. He gripped her upper arm tightly, shaking his head. “No. Not now. Not here.”

“I’m not going home with you.”

“Actually, you are. I don’t care if I have to drag you there by your pretty red hair. You’re not calling the shots, queen, and you’re not denying us this anymore.”

“Get over yourself, Hollywood.”

She turned away from him, reaching for her t-shirt. Instead, he grasped the nightie that would serve as her costume and held it up for her to see. “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“You can’t seriously think I’m still going through with this sham.”

“It’s not a sham to Emma. The show is sold-out. Would you really let her down because your pride won’t let you admit something we both know is true?”

For a moment, Parker feared she would. She was angrier than he’d ever seen her. He’d cornered her and, like a wet cat, her claws were unleashed and ready to draw blood.

“Give me the fucking nightgown.”

He didn’t hand it to her. Instead, he stepped closer and pulled the sheer black silk over her head. It was low-cut with thin straps and it only covered her to mid-thigh.

She gasped when she glanced down. “I can’t wear this in public.”

Parker grinned at her horrified tone, and then he led her to the dressing mirror. Pushing her in front of him, he forced her to look at herself. “You’re sexy. Sin incarnate. Every man out there will want to touch you, to take you.”

Her nipples budded, poking through the thin material. Unable to resist, he wrapped his arms around her and took them between his fingers.

“But they can’t have you. You belong to me. And I’m going to prove that to each and every one of them tonight on that stage.”

Becca’s chest rose and fell rapidly, but she didn’t resist his touch.

“I love your tits. So full and firm.” He applied pressure to her tight nipples, pinching harder until she moaned.

Becca leaned against him. He grasped her waist and pulled her ass closer, letting her feel his erection, his undeniable desire.

Her gaze found his through their reflections in the mirror.

“You didn’t have to stop. Do it now. Finish this,” she whispered.

He grinned. “No time. The show must go on.”

Her temper flared and she shook her head. “Fuck the show. Fuck me.”

God. She’d be a magnificent lover, fire and ice—the combination was irresistible. “We can’t let Emma down.”

Time was running short. He had a definite plan for the performance, for tonight.

“Bend over. Rest your elbows on the dressing table.”

Becca quickly assumed the position, clearly expecting him to deliver. He ran his hand over her bare ass cheeks.

Tonight was just the beginning. He was going to learn everything about her—inside and out. She sucked in a deep breath when his fingers stroked along her slit and she opened her legs, silently urging him to take her again.

He slipped his fingers to her pussy. She was so fucking wet and hot. It took every ounce of strength he possessed not to slide his cock back in.

Instead, he dipped one finger in, then two. Becca shifted, shoving her hips toward him, begging for more. He didn’t take her up on the offer. After a dozen strokes, he pulled away despite her cries for him to continue.


Becca dropped her head to her hands. “Please, Parker. I can’t make it.”

He caressed her ass for only a moment, then he lifted his palm and brought it down hard.

She jerked at his unexpected spanking, but made no move to escape the blows he continued to rain down on her firm flesh. She whispered, “yes” after one particularly hard slap.

Once again, Becca’s hips began to move in time, seeking out more stimulation. He brought the spanking to a halt and she lost it.

“Goddammit! Stop teasing me. Fucking fuck me!”

“No.” He ran his hand over her ass, enjoying the heat, the flush. He wondered if her red bottom would be noticeable to the audience members closest to the stage.

Reaching for the bag he’d left on the dressing table earlier, he retrieved the surprises he’d tucked away. While he couldn’t fuck Becca on stage, he intended to see that she felt fucked. Keeping his palm closed, he was careful to hide his toy.

Becca didn’t appear very interested in his actions anyway. Her face was pressed to the table, her eyes closed, her breathing coming in loud, anguished pants. She was working overtime to rein in her needs.

She didn’t move until she felt the tip of the small vibrator at the opening to her pussy. Her head jerked up and she captured his gaze. “What—”

“It’s a vibrator.” He pushed the small egg-shaped toy completely inside. “It’s part of your costume.”

“I can’t wear that out there.”

He grinned. “The costume is non-negotiable.”

She frowned. “Listen, Hollywood—”

“No. You listen. This scene is going down the way I say.” He returned to the bag and pulled out the device that would be tucked in the pocket of his robe. He held it up for her to see, then flicked a button, powering the toy to low speed.

Becca gasped. “Oh my God.”

The pulsing of the vibrator would keep her aroused, interested, but it wasn’t enough to push her into climax. That wouldn’t come until he increased the speed. He grinned. That button wasn’t going to be pushed until they were on the stage.

“Ready for the last part of your costume.”

Becca’s eyes were glazed, her face flushed from pent-up needs. “No more. I can’t—”

“You can.”

He grabbed the last two items in the bag—lubrication and…

“Oh hell no.” For the first time since she’d bent over the table, Becca made a serious attempt to get away.

Parker restrained her, pressing her chest tight against the surface, holding her there. “Stop fighting this. You can’t win.”

She obviously didn’t give a shit as she continued to struggle. Parker covered her with his body, caging her beneath him as he leaned close and whispered in her ear. “Hold still and I’ll give you an orgasm before we go onstage. Keep resisting and I’ll make sure you don’t come for the rest of the night.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me.”

Her eyelids lowered when she made the confession he didn’t need to hear. “I don’t…I’ve never…”

“I know, queen.” He didn’t say more when she bit her lip, then nodded once.

He placed the tube of lubrication at her ass and squeezed, then worked the fluid into her tight hole. He didn’t want to rush things, didn’t want to hurt her. Unfortunately, time was not their friend. The curtain would rise on their show soon and the success of it depended on how he handled things now…behind the scenes.

She remained motionless as he worked to stretch her too-tight muscles. Ordinarily he would never push a new lover so far, so fast, but Becca’s fantasy spoke to him. Told him she needed someone to force her to these heights. She’d spent a lifetime pushing men away due to fear of rejection. After too many years of pain and loneliness caused by her father’s infidelities, she needed a strong man to show her exactly why she was worth fighting for.

Becca’s diligence, her determination to remain aloof and safe, must have been exhausting. Now she dreamed of someone she could trust taking control. He intended to be that man.

Once she’d adjusted to the invasion of one finger in her ass, he upped the ante, adding another to the mix. She gasped, but didn’t refuse him.

“You’re going to give me this too, Bec. All of you. I’m claiming it all—your pussy, your ass, your mouth.” He paused, then went for broke. “Your heart. Your soul.”

She chuckled mirthlessly. “Keep dreaming, Hollywood.”

With every refusal, every sarcastic comment, she simply fueled his determination to win her over. Every second in this room had proven to him just how much he truly loved her.

Soon, she relaxed, her body accepting the harder thrusting of his two fingers in her ass.

A knock on the door caught him unaware. Becca jerked, but he didn’t pull away. Instead, he kept pushing his fingers into her body. The idea that they could be caught clearly appealed to Becca. Her ass clenched and she reached down to touch her clit, seeking more stimulation. Parker didn’t bother to stop her. It was too fucking hot.

The knock came again as Shea’s voice sounded through the wood. “Ten minutes, you two.”

“Okay,” he called out.

Parker removed his fingers as Becca groaned.

“You said you’d—”

“I know what I promised, Bec.” He retrieved the plug from the table and slowly started to press it into her ass. It wasn’t terribly large, more a beginner’s toy, but it was definitely larger than his fingers.

Becca continued to stroke her clit, her breathing becoming heavier, louder.

Once the toy was fully lodged, he grasped her upper arm and pulled her upright. Her fingers slipped away from her clit.

“Wait. I’m close.”

He pushed her hand away when she started to touch herself again. She wasn’t going to bring herself to pleasure while he was in the room. Fuck that. She was his and now was the time to drive that point home.

He lifted her up onto the dressing table, enjoying her surprised “ah” when her new position pushed the butt plug deeper. He kissed her roughly, loving Becca’s heated response. She cupped his face and held his lips to hers, unwilling to take a chance on him escaping again.

Using the lubrication still lingering on his fingers, Parker parted his robe and began to stroke his cock. His knuckles grazed Becca’s thighs as he worked the rock-hard flesh. There was no way he could go on stage like this.

Becca released him, looking down. He forced himself to ignore the hungry look in her eyes and the way she licked her lips, otherwise he’d be pushing her to her knees in front of him right now. They definitely didn’t have time for that.

With his free hand, he caressed her clit, gradually increasing the pressure until Becca was squirming on the table. He recognized every time her motions jarred the plug or drove the vibrator against a hot spot in her pussy. She would whimper, her eyelashes fluttering.

Another knock at the door. “Five minutes,” Shea called.

They both ignored her. Parker was too close to coming to spare the breath to respond and he wasn’t entirely sure Becca had even heard. She was rubbing her ass against the table, while forcing his fingers on her clit to keep a steady, fast beat. He mimicked the pace with his palm against his dick.

Becca began to tremble. She was there. So fucking close.

He pushed two fingers inside her, shoving the vibrator against her G-spot.

She jerked and cried out. “God. Fuck. Yes.”

Her hand covered his as he stroked his cock, urging him to find release with her.

“Pull up that nightie, Bec. I want to see my come on your stomach, your tits.”

She lifted the silky material, baring her beautiful body to him. He pressed the vibrator deeper, stroking her clit with his thumb.

It was the last nail in her coffin. Becca’s pussy muscles clenched against him as she fell, headfirst into her orgasm. He was right beside her, groaning as he erupted, his come shooting out in hard spurts that covered her smooth, tanned skin.

Both of them held still as they tried to recover. The silent room was filled with the sounds of their heavy breathing and the unbearably loud pounding of Parker’s heart racing in his ears.

There was nothing Parker wanted more than to drag Becca back to his place for more of the same. He’d never get enough of this, of her.

Unfortunately, one look at her face as she slowly came to told him the battle wasn’t over, the war not yet won. Her gaze was troubled, her expression morphing from bliss to confusion to that same goddamn spine-stiffening denial he’d grown far too used to.

“Well, that was pleasant.” Her voice was pure sarcasm, the tone meant to push him away.

She’d erected her walls once more. Fine. He didn’t expect this to be easy. And he still had more weapons at his disposal.

“Yes. It was.”

She frowned at his casual response, the glower darkening when he picked up a towel and wiped her stomach clean, removing all the evidence of their incredible sexual encounter.

“Take the toys out.”

He shook his head. “Nope.” He helped her stand, then he bent over to tug a sexy pair of panties onto her. They matched her lingerie and would help hold the plug and vibrator in place.

Parker belted his robe and placed the remote to the vibrator in the pocket, making certain Becca saw him.

Cold feet emerged as Becca bit her lip nervously and glanced toward the door. “This isn’t going to work. You never set the scene, told me what we were going to do out there.”

He cupped her cheek with one hand, placing a soft kiss on her lips. “Haven’t you figured it out yet, Bec? I’m going to capture you, make you mine.”

“And I’m just supposed to let you?”

He smiled. “You can play it however you want, but the end result will be the same.”

“Oh yeah? How is it going to end?”

Parker clasped her hand and tugged her toward the door. The sound of Emma announcing the beginning of the show came through the speakers.

“Tonight…under the lights…you’re going to belong to me. Completely.”


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