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Belle Tori - Contemporary Erotic Romance Series

Step into the sensuous world of Club Belle Tori where the pages burn as passion flares between two people bent on fulfilling their wildest fantasies.

Club Belle Tori

Belle Tori, Book 1

This is the story of two strong willed people, brought together by the scheming of their best friends. Both looking for something missing in their lives and yet neither of them able to explain what it is. When they are finally face to face, the connection between them is electric. Word Count: 39,500 | Heat Level: 4

Club Belle Tori

Belle Tori, Book 2

It’s hard to convince someone they’re your soul mate if you can’t find them! Follow Jason Hunter on a wild ride as he searches the world for the woman of his dreams. With the help of the staff at Club Belle Tori, his best friend Samuel Grimes, and a Las Vegas PI, Jason closes in on his prey. Word Count: 39,500 | Heat Level: 4

My Life...Mom?! - A hilarious look at motherhood and everyday life!

Do the words "What's for dinner?" make you cringe? Are you tired of one-word answers from the teenager in the house? These hilarious stories are a laugh-out-loud look at everyday life.

Because I Said So

My Life...Mom?!, Book 1

A laugh-out-loud look into the ups and downs of raising a family while attempting to become an author. Take a peek into the family life of the Hoppe clan and discover how Michelle turned oys into jOYs…or at least delightfully funny stories. Word Count: 31,000 | Heat Level: 0

Non-Series Titles

Michelle's stand-alone titles include erotic historical romance, erotic paranormal romance, chick-lit, and poetry.

Hart's Heart

Like King Arthur before him, loyal and brave knights protect Lord Hart, his subjects, and the castle. This hidden world is steeped in mystery, old ways are honored, and men control all things. A community of lords and ladies, masters and slaves, existing in complete separation and secrecy; where Sir Anthony Hart rules with the might of his sword and the honor of his word. When Lady Elizabeth Cowen suddenly discovers a passion for first knight, Thomas Wolfe, life at Castle Hart changes forever. Word Count: 17,500 | Heat Level: 4

The Princess of Isca

When her mother decides it's time for her to get serious about finding a mate, Valerie rebels! Finding herself swept up in the world of a good-looking, fun-loving, human tourist, Val is determined to make the most of her time on land and the last few hours of Dylan's vacation on St. Kitts. Dylan wasn't expecting to find love on the island of St. Kitts, then he met free- spirited Valerie Richardson. Word Count: 21,000 | Heat Level: 4

Tipping the Scales

About to be unemployed, Cupid has a last chance to prove he is worthy of keeping his bow...restore true love to a world where personal relationships have taken a nose dive. With more interference than a football game, Cupid tries to find the perfect man for Mary before The Benevolent Order of Heavenly Souls rip off his wings and consign him to a job filing forms in the basement. Word Count: 13,000 | Heat Level: 4

Forever Caspia

Living on land for most of his life, Prince Tiro resents his role in returning his family to their rightful heritage as rulers of the Mer city of Caspia. Resentment builds as Tiro has to give up the life he’s built and become part of a world he barely remembers. Discover if Tiro can let go of his anger long enough to see the beauty of the undersea world. Will he find love or will Tiro turn his back on Caspia…forever? Word Count: 41,000 | Heat Level: 4

The Diner

A laugh-out-loud tale of what happens when a twenty-six year-old virgin finds a man who just might be…the one! From the first kiss to making love, two best friends share their hopes, dreams, and the fears of getting naked in front of a man and doing 'it' wrong! Romantic lines, ideal bodies, and picture-perfect sexual encounters take a backseat to reveal the bumpy road most people travel in their quest for a mate. Word Count: 16,000 | Heat Level: 4

Hues of Dark and Light (Illustrated)

Exquisite poetry, written with fire and passion. The poems found in this book come from the heart and contain the love, laughter, anguish, and tears experienced by someone who loves deeply, lives life on full throttle, and gives her heart, mind, and soul to every aspect of life. Author Michelle Hoppe presents an illustrated edition of poetry and photography that will touch your heart! Word Count: 15,000 | Heat Level: 1

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