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Just Because - Contemporary Romantic Suspense Series

This erotic romance series has it all, from cowboys to doctors and ménage to GLBT!

Because of You

Just Because, Book 1

Starting over isn’t always a bad thing! But when the past was hell on earth, it’s more difficult to find the strength to start again. Find out if love…true-love, and the determination of one man can break down the walls built by a tragic past! Word Count: 39,500 | Heat Level: 4

Because You Love Me

Just Because, Book 2

Safety in numbers? Depends on what you mean by safe…Bridget never imagined her life would turn out to be one dangerous moment after another! She’s been on the run for so long she’s forgotten there is more to life than endless safe houses and contract killers. That is until she meets the James brothers! Word Count: 49,500 | Heat Level: 4

Because It's True

Just Because, Book 3

Jacob James falls for New York cop Rodney Jackson the moment he lands in his life. The sexy city slicker was everything a lonely cowboy could ever dream of. However, when Rodney is shot in the line of duty, Jacob finds his affections rejected. As a result, Jacob offers the only thing left—friendship. Word Count: 14,500 | Heat Level: 4

Scoundrels - Contemporary Erotic Romance Series

Dive into the world of sensual exploration at Scoundrels, a fetish fantasy nightclub where a stage performance and real life relationships collide!

Black Jack

Scroundrels, Book 1

After asking Jack to perform in a pirate fetish fantasy at the nightclub she manages, Emma inadvertently opens Pandora’s box— for both of them. Portraying a dominant pirate forces more of Jack’s secret desires to light, Emma finds herself enmeshed in sensual explorations that leave her questioning her vanilla existence. Word Count: 37,500 | Heat Level: 4

Red Queen

Scroundrels, Book 2

Becca Preston, bartender at Scoundrels, learned very early in life that men—especially actors—were not to be trusted. Daughter of one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men, Becca spent most of her life dealing with her father’s other role—king of infidelity. As a result, Becca has one hard and fast rule. Don’t date actors. Word Count: 19,500 | Heat Level: 4

White Knight

Scroundrels, Book 3

Two people—one desperate, one broken, both hopelessly alone. Two people assuaging their needs through spanking and sex games, bondage and taboo fantasy. It’s enough. It has to be—when the biggest secret between them might be a tragedy neither can overcome. Word Count: 40,500 | Heat Level: 4

Clandestine - Erotic Romantic Suspense Series

This romantic thriller series will keep you on the edge of your seat as you delve into the darkness of a cult, the pleasures of BDSM, and the joy of finding love.

Bound By the Past

Clandestine, Book 1

Jon and Night grew up in a cult and were trained as BDSM Masters. When undercover agent Reilly infiltrated the cult the boys learn of the cult’s seedy underside and help to destroy it. Years later, Jon’s job bring him close to the normal life he’s always craved. Just when happiness is within his grasp, Reilly returns. Word Count: 67,000 | Heat Level: 4

Covert Affairs

Clandestine, Book 2

Desperate to save her alma mater, teacher Kelly Finch reaches out to at-risk students, even as gang activity continues to escalate. When the superintendent seeks aid from an undercover task force, Kelly is forced to host easily the most insufferable, most arrogant, most arousing man she's ever met —Lt. “Mac” McNally. Word Count: 48,000 | Heat Level: 4

Madison Girls - Contemporary Romantic Comedy series

Jill and Kate are two sisters who’ve been kicked around by life. However. . .their luck is about to change.

Kiss Me Kate

Madison Girls, Book 1

Kate always believed when life handed you lemons. . .you made lemonade. But what happens when the lemons keep getting bigger and bigger? For Kate, it means it's time for a new plan. A new location. And, a new life. . .on her own terms!Book 1 of the Madison Girls series will have you reaching for the ice. Word Count: 46,000 | Heat Level: 4

Three Reasons Why

Madison Girls, Book 2

Let the games begin! Sparks fly when Jill hires handyman, Wes to renovate her business. Wes is determined to overcome Jill's three reasons why their relationship is never going to be more than business. Little does she know her reasons are about to go down in flames of passion. Word Count: 45,000 | Heat Level: 4

Love Lessons - Contemporary Erotic Romantic Comedy Series

You will be reaching for the ice as this erotic ménage romance series heats up the pages.

Happy Hour

Love Lessons, Book 1

Jamie’s had his eye on Grace for years, but it never seemed the right time to approach her. Tonight, something’s different. The sexual signals she’s giving off are unmistakable—and he’s not the only man in the bar who’s noticed. His best friend, Trey, is breaking a sweat just looking at the delectable English teacher Word Count: 39,000 | Heat Level: 4

Slam Dunk

Love Lessons, Book 2

Trey Donovan is mourning the end of summer with fellow teachers when Ellie Hunter walks into Tully’s Bar. Better yet, she’s now a former rival basketball coach and the newest science teacher at his high school. He can’t think of anyone better to fill the vacant assistant coach job. Word Count: 30,000 | Heat Level: 4

June Girls - Time Travel Regency Romance series

For fans of Outlander, the June Girls are three friends mysteriously transported back in time where they face the problems of thoroughly modern women trying to adjust to living in Regency England. Luckily, the duke’s son, an earl and a marquis are there to help them along the way!

No Recourse

June Girls, Book 1

Hayley Garland just wants to find out what happened to her best friend Erin. Refusing to give into the nightmares that haunt her, she is determined to discover the truth, even if it means ignoring the voice in her head warning ... don't go into the woods. This historical, time travel romance will keep you on the edge of your seat! Word Count: 90,000 | Heat Level: 3

No Regrets

June Girls, Book 2

How far would you go to help a friend? Tori Hamilton is determined to find out what happened to her friends. Sucked into the past, her life is about to go sideways as danger swirls and death awaits a false move. Find out if Tori can unravel a tragic past and end of her journey with love everlasting. Word Count: 90,000 | Heat Level: 3

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