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Dangerous Desire series

An Erotic Contemporary Romance series

The Bad Boy Next Door

Dangerous Desires, Book 1

A gripping tale about a dangerous man and the woman who is willing to take a chance for the ultimate reward…love! A contemporary romance about risking it all for the bad boy next door! Word Count: 28,500 | Heat Level: 4

The Good Girl In My Bed

Dangerous Desires, Book 2

The second worst thing I've ever done... Fall in love with Veronica Underwood. The worst thing I've ever done... Tell her. Discover if a dangerous man and the woman he loves can survive the secrets of his past in this thrilling tale of danger, intrigue, and blazing passion. Word Count: 24861 | Heat Level: 4

The Bad Boy In Cuffs

Dangerous Desires, Book 3

It’s not the danger that scares me. It’s Lucas thinking he’s not good enough for me. Falling in love with a bad boy, a dangerous bad boy with dangerous skeletons in his closet, was never part of my plan, but I wouldn’t change a thing now it’s happened. Word Count: 25500 | Heat Level: 4

Stimulated series

A Contemporary Romance series

Blowing It Off

Stimulated, Book 1

An exciting journey of mystery, humor, and desire. Two sexy Australian arson investigators light the fires of passion in this contemporary ménage romance. Word Count: 34,000 | Heat Level: 4

Revving It Up

Stimulated, Book 2

"Lady and Gentlemen...start your engines!" A fast paced thrill ride. A handsome pro racer, a sexy mechanic, and a spirited motocross racer rev up the heat in this contemporary ménage romance. Word Count: 32,000 | Heat Level: 4

Switching It On

Stimulated, Book 3

If love were as easy as flipping a switch, the world would be full of happy lovers. Or not! An intoxicating contemporary romance about second chances. Secrets will be revealed and two lovers will try to switch it on...again! Word Count: 30,500 | Heat Level: 4

Plugging It In

Stimulated, Book 4

Passion explodes in Sydney, Australia as RG, Ruckus, and Bran give into desire! The eagerly anticipated 4th book in the Stimulated series is an erotic contemporary, ménage romance that have you reaching for the ice. Word Count: 48,500 | Heat Level: 4

Outback Skies - Erotic romance in the Australian Outback Series

When desire goes sky high, things in the Australian Outback get hot. Really hot!

Bound By You

Outback Skies, Book 1

When the feisty redhead captain of an Australian Outback fire brigade goes toe to toe with a self-confident arson investigator, the flames of desire may consume them both. The initial spark will engulf them both...but will their hearts survive the inferno? Word Count: 27,000 | Heat Level: 4

Breathless for You

Outback Skies, Book 2

Working in Wallaby Ridge as a member of the Royal Flying Doctors is just what this doctor needs, until he finds himself paired with a pilot who’s every sexual fantasy that’s ever-done barrel rolls through his head. She rekindles in him a desire for something he thought he’d never want again—connection. Word Count: 26,500 | Heat Level: 4

Burn For You

Outback Skies, Book 3

Harsh, rugged and unforgiving, the Australian Outback is the perfect place for Evan Alexander to hide. Up in the air, fighting fires from the cockpit of his helicopter, no one sees the scars that run clear down to his soul. Jenna McGrath can’t believe the quiet, withdrawn man declared a hero is the same arrogant, cocky pilot she fell in love with six years ago. Word Count: 30,000 | Heat Level: 4

Bare For You

Outback Skies, Book 4

Jeremy Craig is on the cusp of being named the deputy prime minister of Australia. Ryan is sick of the Brokeback Mountain jokes. Who needs passion and wild sexual pleasure in their life when they have the boundless skies of the Outback, right? Word Count: 30,000 | Heat Level: 4

Better With You

Outback Skies, Book 5

Charlie Baynard is an average Outback cop. Protecting the people in his small town and flying through the Outback skies in his police chopper suits him just fine. But there’s a side to him that no one knows about. Like the fact he used to be one of the Australian government’s best assets, and his name isn’t really Charlie. Word Count: 32,000 | Heat Level: 4

Savage Australis -- Paranormal Suspense Series

If you're a fan of Australian Outback horror movies, this series is a must read!

Savage Retribution

Savage Australis, Book 1

The head of an underground werewolf clan and a brilliant scientist, Nathan Epoc plans to create a super-wolf, a creature capable of shifting the balance of power in the lycanthrope world. But Epoc's plans are about to be thwarted and an animal rights activist is about to get a crash course in werewolves. One she may not survive. Word Count: 72,000 | Heat Level: 4

Savage Transformation

Savage Australis, Book 1

She thought she had a life—until being hunted shows her she’s never really lived. She’s a Tasmanian Tiger shifter on the run. He’s a wolf shifter looking for a killer. When these two meet sparks fly and so do fists! Can a tiger and a wolf work together to find a killer? Word Count: 71,000 | Heat Level: 4


Contemporary Erotic Romance Series

Triple Dare

Dare, Book 1

Serious and determined, Joseph Hudson isn’t Australia’s businessman of the year for nothing. So now he’s asking himself, how did he get lost on the side of a mountain in the Colorado Rockies—in the middle of winter—with night fast approaching? Three simple words. I dare you. Word Count: 25,000 | Heat Level: 4

Dare Me

Dare, Book 2

Defying death is the ultimate dare. Defying love? Well, that's just stupid! A thrilling international romance between an English doctor and a devil may care Australian cancer survivor. Between her patient’s cocky attitude and her duty as a doctor, Emily Knox is faced with a decision that may change her life forever! Word Count: 26,500 | Heat Level: 4

Spaceport Mercy Series

An Erotic Sci-Fi Paranormal Suspense

Highest Bidder

Spaceport Mercy, Book 1

Spaceport Mercy home to the wealthy and the poor, soldiers and mercenaries, friends and foes, it's a dangerous place and home to a booming slave trade. Book 1 is a rollercoaster ride to a distant spaceport, where the fate of Old Earth is in the hands of a mercenary and the virgin slave he has been paid to deliver. Word Count: 34,500 | Heat Level: 4

Deadly Pleasure

Spaceport Mercy, Book 2

Spaceport Mercy is a very dangerous place in the far reaches of space and for Corvan Jareth it’s just become even more dangerous! Book 2 of her Spaceport Mercy series, is a thrilling adventure of assassins, artificial intelligence, and secrets from the past. You won’t be able to put this one down as danger and passion collide! Word Count: 29,000 | Heat Level: 4

Captured Rapture

Spaceport Mercy, Book 3

Galactic Union Enforcer Raina Mynn never knew what hit her. One minute she's busting bad guys across the galaxy with the help of her scary and scarily reliable partner Fraz, the next she's being attacked by an insane man who thinks he's part of an extinct species. Word Count: 23,000 | Heat Level: 4

Forced R and R

Spaceport Mercy, Book 4

Forced to take a leave of absence by her commander, Galactic Union Enforcer Anika Dru high-tailed it straight away to Spaceport Mercy. What better destination for some unwanted R and R than a veritable cesspit of scum-bucket crooks? Especially for a tech-enhanced super-cop who likes nothing more than taking out the bad guys? Word Count: 11,500 | Heat Level: 4

The Dingo Pack -- A Paranormal Shifter Romance Series

Welcome to Kangaroo Creek in the Australian Outback, a safe haven for shifters…or is it?

Dingo Wild

The Dingo Pack, Book 1

Never let horny dogs lie. Searching for her missing uncle, Katy-Lin Yunker finds herself in the isolated, mysterious Australian Outback town of Kangaroo Creek. The whole town seems to have a secret, one that her heart tells her involves her AWOL, eccentric uncle. Word Count: 30,000 | Heat Level: 4

Non-Series Titles

Lexxie’s stand-alone titles include paranormal suspense, contemporary romantic suspense, chilling erotic horror, contemporary and paranormal romance, and so much more!

Can't Stay Away

He’d walk through fire for the doctor who once broke his heart. A stunning tale of love lost and love found as two men struggle to overcome their fears and realize their dreams. Journey from Australia to New York as the American doctor and the Australian firefighter discover if love can conquer all in a heart warming male/male, international romance. Word Count: 33,500 | Heat Level: 4

The Sun Sword

Torin Kerridon, the last warrior from an ancient order, is drawn to an abandoned, dying Earth, where he finds a forgotten young woman. A woman forged by the Immortals to wield the ultimate weapon-the Sun Sword. A woman capable of commanding the power of the suns. A woman with no past and no memory, the body of an angel and the spirit of a demon. Word Count: 50,500 | Heat Level: 4

The Stone's Soul

When geologist Jordynn Harrison finds an unusual gem on the rim of Hawaii's Mauna Kea volcano, she gets more than just a pretty stone to study. Touching the peridot makes her body burn—in more ways than one. The stone conjures her dream man, a Hawaiian warrior who fulfills her lustful fantasies with his hands, his lips, his tongue… Word Count: 16,000 | Heat Level: 4

Shadow Whispers

Demons, ghosts, and paranormal phenomena run rampant in Kangaroo Creek, Australia and a young woman is caught in a maelstrom of danger she may not survive. This erotic paranormal suspense is a spine-tingling thriller that will keep you turning the pages of this erotic horror romance. Word Count: 45,000 | Heat Level: 4

Copping a Feel

A ringing phone! An unknown voice! A prickle of fear...or tingle of excitement? She's on a mission…the Cougar Challenge. He's on a mission…solving a case of identity theft. When their missions collide, sparks fly in more ways than one. A contemporary romantic comedy that will keep you turning the pages. Word Count: 27,000 | Heat Level: 4

Kat and Mouse

Las Vegas, Nevada, playground of the rich and famous and temporary home to The Mouse, international jewel thief and man of mystery. Federal Police Office, Katrina O'Lauchlan always gets her man and when the trail leads to the paranormal resort of Los Magia, Katrina discovers a world of pleasure, intrigue, and danger! Lexxie Couper pens a thrill ride from beginning to end as the race to catch a thief heats up. Word Count: 28,500 | Heat Level: 4

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