His to Reclaim

Shelli Stevens

Chapter 1

Gemma.” The shrill scream pierced through the woods, filtering past the aged walls of the log cabin. “Oh my God. I can’t believe this. Gemma.”

The sound of feet pounding down the path mingled with the alarmed whimpers and short breaths of the approaching woman.

Gemma’s fingers clenched around the brush in her hand, her pulse quickening as she turned to face the door. Was it too much to hope that it was nothing more than the caterer having encountered a problem?

The door flung open, smashing into the wall. Her younger cousin Megan stepped into the room, eyes wild with panic.

“He’s really coming.”

They were just three words, but they were enough. The brush dropped from Gemma’s hand, and her body went numb with shock.

This was really happening… No. The room spun and she gripped the vanity table to keep from falling to her knees. No. Was he insane?

“There’s no time.” Megan closed the door, hands shaking. “Shift and then run. Run fast. It’s the only way you can possibly escape him.”

“How far away is he?” Gemma’s voice came out remarkably calm as she fumbled to undo the buttons on her wedding dress.

The cold fear began to subside, and a hot burn of rage blazed through her. How dare he? After five years, how dare he?

Megan grabbed her arm and tugged her toward the door. “A mile. Maybe. And he’s not alone, Gemma. He’s brought friends. You must hurry. There’s no time to change out of your dress. Run, and I’ll find Jeffrey and tell him what’s happened.”

“My dress will be ruined during transition—”


The door broke in half, and splinters of wood shot into the interior of the cabin like tiny missiles.

Heart in her throat, Gemma retreated, her body trembling as she stared at the man who now filled the doorway. The man who’d just made good on the appallingly dark promise he’d made just days ago in an e-mail. She’d been half convinced it was a joke—someone toying with her heart—and had told Megan as much.

But it wasn’t a joke. The proof was standing in front of her eyes. Maybe a couple of years ago she would have wished for this, but not now. Dammit, not now.

Sweat clung to the hard muscles of Hunter’s nude body—it was clear he’d just shifted back to human form. A familiar heat crept through her body, and she hardened her jaw, refusing to acknowledge it. The same way she’d refused to acknowledge it for the last five years.

It was hard not to, though, with his dark hair and tan body. He was tall and broad, a mass of muscles and ridges. Her gaze dropped, and her cheeks burned hot. She swallowed hard, unable to tear her gaze from his hard thighs and the thick cock that rested between them.

The blood raged through her veins, and she closed her eyes to count to ten. When she opened them again, her gaze was firmly back to his face, unwilling to let her eyes shift any lower than his shoulders this time, for that would be a guaranteed diversion from finding a way out of this situation.

Unfortunately, five years had done nothing but enhance Hunter’s raw sex appeal.

His eyes, burning like dark blue crystals, met hers. And like the devil come to collect his due, he advanced into the room, his face a mask of fierce determination.

Oh, God. She needed to act. Now. Swallowing against the thickness in her throat, Gemma glanced around the room, looking for anything that might be used as a weapon. She grabbed the chair from her vanity table and lifted it above her head with a grunt.

Hunter lunged forward and knocked it from her grasp, sending it crashing to the ground behind her. Before she could draw in a startled breath, he’d circled her wrists with one of his massive hands and pulled her body firmly against the rock-hard wall of his chest.

“No.” She growled and lifted her knee to tag him in the groin, but he blocked the shot.

Instead, he pulled her tighter against him and forced his thigh between hers. His thick cock brushed her hip and she stilled, barely able to breathe as her heart slammed against her ribcage.

His soft laugh feathered warmth against her cheek. “You should have listened to your cousin, angel.” He leaned forward and said softly against her ear, “You should have run.”

The blood drained from Gemma’s face, and she heard Megan whimper from the corner of the room.

Megan. Hope flared.

“Megan, go find Jeffrey.”

Her cousin lurched away from the wall and toward the doorway but fell back with a shrill yell.

Two more men—though these ones were clothed—filed through the broken entrance.

“It appears we will have to take the younger one with us as well,” Hunter ordered with a sigh.

“Me?” Megan squeaked in alarm. “No. You can’t—”

Her words were cut off by the hand that slid over her mouth, then the burly man slid another arm around her waist to lift her off the ground.

Panic renewed in her gut, and Gemma tugged at her imprisoned wrists, her mouth in a tight line. “Let her go, Hunter. She has nothing to do with this.”

“We will. Tomorrow. We don’t want her running off to tell Jeffrey the minute we leave, now do we?”


His smile came slow. “Now you know my mother well enough to know that’s not true.”

Of course he would throw that at her. She bit her lip, trying to hold her temper. It wasn’t easy as she watched helplessly as the two men carried her cousin, kicking and screaming, out the door. Megan’s muffled sounds were ineffective at bringing them the help they desperately needed.

Gemma drew in a slow breath. “You know, Hunter, I always suspected you were a bit certifiable. Congratulations, you’ve just confirmed it.”

He caught her chin with rough fingers, lifting her face so she had to look at him. A shiver ran down her spine; unfortunately it may not have all been because of fear. His eyes narrowed until the blue irises were just slits of blue. They burned hot as his gaze scoured her face.

“Am I? You were the one about to marry a human.” His gaze darkened. “I gave you fair warning. Call off the wedding or I would do it for you.”

“I’ll still marry him.”

“I wouldn’t count on it.”

“Oh. I’ll say it again, Hunter. You’re certifiable,” she repeated and tried to twist her chin from his grasp. His hold just tightened. “In fact, I’m sure you won’t mind if I just call you Certi from now on.”

“I don’t care what the hell you call me.” His head lowered, until his mouth was just a breath above hers. “I’ll just look forward to hearing you call it when I’m riding you in bed.”

Shock ripped through her, widening her eyes and snatching her breath away. Heat rushed through her body. Curling thick down through her blood before gathering heavy between her legs.

His nostrils flared, and she knew his were side meant that he could smell the dampness between her legs that his image had created. Heat flooded her cheeks.

“Like hell that will happen, Hunter.”

“You want me.” It wasn’t a question. And there was no asking when his lips crushed down on hers a second later.

Gemma went rigid in his arms, letting out an outraged feline growl that was all jaguar.

He answered with a deeper growl, plunging his tongue past her compressed lips to take control of her mouth.

There was no fighting him. With each bold stroke of his tongue against hers, a little more common sense got swept away. He plundered her mouth, leaving no inch unexplored, controlling her tongue and mind with ease.

The heat built in her body; her breasts swelled, the nipples tightening to scrape against the lace bustier beneath her dress. Five years dropped away, and once again it was Hunter holding her, kissing her. Making her forget everything but his touch and the way it made her feel.

His cock pressed hard into her belly, a tangible reminder of his promise to fuck her.

With a groan, he released her chin to plunge his hand into her bodice. He cupped her breast in the palm of his hand, squeezing just enough to send another rush of moisture straight to her panties.

Her head fell back, a gasp ripping from her lips. The calloused pad of his thumb swept across one tight nipple and her knees wobbled.

His mouth lifted from hers, and he pulled her breast above the bodice. His head swooped down, and he wrapped his lips around the hard tip. Hot breath and a moist tongue teased her, before his teeth raked against her flesh.

“Oh, God.” She trembled, minutes away from hiking up her wedding dress and begging him to fuck her.

Wedding dress…? Jeffrey. The name of the man she was supposed to marry in two hours resounded in her head. Who’s certifiable now, Gemma?

Already, Hunter reached for the hem of her dress, lifting it over her legs to cup her ass.

Now, Gemma. Act now. Knowing she had an advantage—just barely—she grabbed his hair and stepped back enough to slam her knee into his stomach.

He stumbled back with a curse, eyes flashing with dismay and rage. It was only a second, but it was the only break she needed.

Gemma moved past him and sprinted out the door to the cabin that she’d been using to get ready for her wedding. She leapt off the porch and landed on the dirt path.

Her heart slammed in her chest, her body trembling with adrenaline. Increasing her pace, she growled and willed the change to speed up. It didn’t take long. Her twenty-thousand-dollar designer dress exploded into a mass of pearl buttons and lace as her body shifted into its jaguar form.

Seconds later she was on all fours, charging through the resort in a desperate attempt to escape Hunter. The thrashing of branches and trees behind her signaled that it was going to be one hell of a challenge.


Dammit. How could he have been so stupid as to get distracted by Gemma’s sweet body?

Hunter snarled and dodged between two trees that appeared on one section of the trail.

He shouldn’t have lost focus. As an ESA agent, he was better than that by nature. Their job was to protect and defend all shifter species from threats of corruption, danger, and violence. The Elite Shifter Agency hired only the best of the best. You had to be tough, intelligent, sharp, quick minded… definitely not lose your focus over a nice set of tits, you idiot.

His fellow agents would laugh their asses off if they knew he’d gotten completely muddleheaded by a woman.

He hadn’t been able to stop himself from touching her, but it had been a costly delay. He should have had her in the vehicle by now, and they could’ve been halfway to White River. As it was, Joaquin and Brad were probably wondering where the hell he was.

Hunter paused and breathed in the air, careful not to lose Gemma’s scent.

She wasn’t even following the human-made trail anymore. His gaze darted around the lush forest. He listened for the sound of her escape. The sudden flash of yellow and brown between the trees was a dead giveaway to her location. Unlike him, Gemma’s jaguar form didn’t have the luxury of dark brown fur that hid his spots. Though she was desperate in her attempt to escape, she didn’t stand a chance.

His resistance softened a bit with pity before he hardened it again. He couldn’t afford such a weakness. He gave a low growl and took off after her. Not that he could blame her for running. Not after what he’d done to her so many years ago. But what Gemma didn’t seem to quite understand was the cloud of danger lingering over her life right now. And at the center of that vortex was none other than her husband-to-be.

Jealousy, like a hot brand iron, stabbed sudden and deep, twisting inside him. His paws hit the ground hard as he quickened his pace, jumping over bushes as he gained on her.

She shouldn’t have been marrying Jeffrey Delmore in the first place. She was his. She’d sworn it. It didn’t matter that she’d barely been twenty at the time. It was one promise he intended to see she kept. Gemma belonged to him.

Guilt twisted his gut; he was completely out of line, but he refused to acknowledge it. Not now. Right now, his primal side was in dominance and the chase was on to reclaim his woman.

He was only about twenty feet behind her now, and she must have realized she couldn’t outrun him much longer. He could hear her agitation in the growls she emitted while continuing to dodge through trees and beneath low brushes.

And then she blew it, giving him the final advantage he needed. Her back legs caught on a tree root protruding from the ground, and she stumbled, losing her balance before falling onto her side.

She tried to get back up again, but the damage was done. Hunter used her moment of vulnerability and jumped on her. The weight of his body pinned hers to the ground.

Fur flew as she swiped at him with her claws. Jaws snapped at his neck but missed. They rolled on the hard earth, fighting for dominance.

He locked gazes with her. Stop fighting me, he said with his mind.

Rage flared in her gaze, and she continued to struggle beneath him.

With a growl of frustration, he caught her neck between his teeth, using just enough force to warn her she’d better yield. Relief washed through him when she stilled beneath him.

Shift back, Gemma. Please, I don’t want to hurt you.

She tried to swat him again with a paw, but he reared back, avoiding her attempt.

Realizing fighting was futile, her eyes closed. The fur on her face slowly receded to show smooth ivory skin. She had chosen to obey. Quickly, to avoid crushing her, he rolled off her and shifted back to his human form.

“You have no right,” she rasped.

When he turned to look at her, his heart clenched a bit. She sat on the ground, her knees drawn up to her chest as she glared at him.

Her pale skin seemed luminescent against the greens and browns of the forest. The tawny curls of her hair—which had always fascinated him—tumbled over her shoulders, shielding her breasts from him.

His mouth pursed. Too bad. He hadn’t seen her naked in years, and it was quite obvious her body had changed since then. Her curves were bolder, whereas before they’d been slight.

He lifted his gaze to hers, wincing slightly at how her brown eyes condemned him.

“Let’s not make this any more difficult than it needs to be, Gemma.”

“Oh, I think it was too late for that the minute you decided to obliterate my wedding day.”

His jaw hardened, and he stepped forward. “You will walk with me now to the vehicle.”

“What’s option B?”

“I’ll carry you.”

Her nostrils flared and the arms around her knees tightened.

“Let me think,” she murmured and then continued to watch him for a moment.

Her lips parted a second later, but words didn’t come out. Instead, the piercing scream she issued was guaranteed to raise the dead. Or bring her groom running.

Chapter 2

Shit.” Hunter pulled her to her feet, planting his palm firmly across her mouth to muffle her. “I should have gagged and bound you. But I had hopes you might even have been happy to see me.”

She grunted her annoyance and tried to kick him again. He gave a bitter laugh. Of course she hadn’t appreciated his last comment.

With his hand still over her mouth, he wrapped an arm around her waist and lifted her off the ground. Her feet continued to swing back at him, but fortunately he’d trapped her arms against her side. It probably would have been easier to bite her in jaguar form or knock her out. Carrying her unconscious would have been much easier.

But even as he ran, collecting bruises from her jarring kicks, he knew he could never have hurt her. Not willingly. Not even if it would’ve been for her own good.

“Go ahead and fight me, angel. I want you nice and tired tonight when we finish what we started in the cabin.”

She went rigid and then screamed her fury, slamming her head back toward his. He pulled back, easily avoiding a hit. His fingers brushed the underside of her breast and his cock jerked, his throat tightening. Shit.

He rushed to the waiting vehicle, relieved to see the door already open. Joaquin sat behind the wheel, and Brad sat in the backseat with Gemma’s cousin restrained on his lap.

“Damn, Hunter, took you fucking long enough.” Joaquin cast him an uneasy look and gunned the engine on the SUV.

“Sorry about that.” With a grunt, he forced Gemma into the back of the vehicle and then climbed in after her, slamming the door shut and pulling her sideways across his lap. “The bride had a bit of a pre-wedding meltdown.”

He released his hand from her mouth and realized immediately it had been a major mistake.

“Pre-wedding meltdown, you asshole?” she shouted. “I’ll show you a meltdown. When I get through with you, your own mother—”

“Leave my mother out of this. If she could hear the language you use today, she’d die of shock.”

Joaquin laughed softly from the front seat.

Guilt flashed across Gemma’s face before it disappeared and she lifted her chin.

“Whatever you say, Certi.”

Brad glanced over at them. “What did she just call you?”

Certi. It’s short for certifiable,” Gemma snapped before Hunter could answer. “In fact you all should be given the nickname.”

Instead of being offended, Joaquin and Brad just laughed outright, which seemed to only infuriate Gemma more. Her face turned red and her eyes bugged.

Hunter stared hard at Gemma for one moment, before looking away. There was no reasoning with her. At least not right now.

“Head back to White River.” He gave the quiet order to Joaquin and then glanced sideways to see how the younger woman was faring.

He’d met Megan only on a couple of occasions, but the impression she’d given was that she seemed more fragile than her cousin, bit naive, and prone to drama.

Right now, she looked ready to keel over. Maybe from the sheer fact she’d probably never sat on a man’s lap before.

Against her pale face, her blue eyes were wider than what seemed possible, and her lips trembled. She kept her hands clenched into fists and stared at Gemma with a pitifully hopeful expression. As if her cousin was the answer to the way out of their situation. Not gonna happen.

The SUV bounced out of the woods, spitting up dirt as it turned onto an old logging road.

“I’d rather sit on the floor,” Gemma muttered. “Anywhere else.”

She squirmed on his lap, bringing the soft curve of her ass in contact with his cock. He hardened further against her, his pulse quickening.

The hand he’d wrapped low on her waist splayed across her belly, and with each bump of the vehicle, his fingers brushed against the springy curls shielding her pussy.

She let out a soft gasp and arched her body away from him.

That’s right, angel, keep moving on me like that and you’ll get a hell of lot more than you bargained for. I don’t care how many people are around us.

She went rigid, her eyes widening with alarm and something else. He almost missed it, but it had been there. Desire.

A small amount of relief swept through him. After all the years that had passed, she still wanted him. But then he’d known that in the cabin, when the juices of her pussy had teased his senses with the most seductive perfume.

She’d wanted him in that cabin. Had he taken a moment to explore the folds of her sex with his fingers, he could have discovered the tangible proof. Five years. For five years, he’d dreamed of touching her again, thought about her body and sweet moans as he’d pumped his cock with his fist. And now he had her again.

He tapped the swell of her pussy with two fingers, and she sucked in a quick breath, whimpering.

Be prepared, Gemma, for tonight you are mine.


This was utter and complete madness. Gemma tried to ease away from Hunter’s intimate touch, but his arm tightened around her waist.

She was on the verge of either an orgasm or a complete meltdown. Probably both.

If she thought there was even a slight chance of escaping these three overgrown brutes, then she might have tried to jump from the vehicle. But with the speed they were going, the fall would likely hurt her enough to slow any chance of escape. Not to mention she’d be leaving Megan all alone.

She glanced at her cousin. Megan sat, her spine rigid and jaw tight, on the other man’s lap, staring out the window.

Blinking back tears, Gemma tried to come to terms with what had just happened. Tried to accept the fact Hunter had forced his way back into her life as if the past five years hadn’t existed. But they had. No matter how much she may have wished otherwise.

She closed her eyes, going back to that place in her mind she had no desire to visit. But the memory of their last night together rushed her mind before she could halt it…

Her pulse raced, her panties already drenched from her desire for him. He never failed to affect her this way, even the first time she’d met him at his mother’s deli and he’d been passing through. He’d approached her right away, flirting shamelessly. And before her sandwich order had been filled, he’d asked her out.

They hadn’t even been together a month, but staring up at him now, she knew it didn’t matter. Hunter was the one for her. Body, mind and soul. x

“Hunter,” she whispered, grasping his chin in an attempt to lift his head from her breast.

He sucked on her nipple one last time, before raising his head with a wry grin.

“I’m sorry, Gemma. I’m going too fast.”

“Actually, you’re not.” She shook her head and stroked her fingers through the strands of his short dark hair. “In fact, tonight…I don’t want you to stop, Hunter.”

Hot possessiveness flashed in his gaze, even as he said quietly, “I won’t rush you.”

“You haven’t rushed me. You’ve waited almost a month and have been more than patient.” She gave a light laugh and wrapped one leg around his hip, trapping him between her thighs.

His cock jerked against her hip, and he gave a hoarse groan. “You’re an angel. My angel. You have no idea what you’ve done to my life. How did I get so lucky to find you?”

Her lips curved into an impish grin. “Mmm, we both love the roast beef sandwiches at your mom’s deli, and one day our paths finally crossed?”

Hunter laughed and then drew in a ragged breath as she touched the tip of his cock, unable to stop herself anymore.

“Gemma…are you sure?” he rasped with obvious uncertainty. “Once I start…”

“I’ve never been surer about anything in my life. I’ve never met anyone like you. Never felt this way about anyone else.” She trailed her fingers up and down the hard ridges of his back. “I just know this is right. Take me, Hunter. Now.”

With a growl, he closed his mouth over hers. The weight of his body fell heavy on top of her, pressing her deeper into the mattress.

Her shirt and bra had long since been disposed of, and he made quick time tugging her skirt and panties from her body.

Then he was between her thighs, his hot tongue probing her clit as he prepared her for his cock. Devouring and eating her until the pleasure threatened to explode in her head.

Only when she writhed and begged beneath him did he kneel between her thighs. He cupped her ass in his large hands, and with one smooth thrust, buried his cock deep inside her.

Pain and pleasure exploded as her body struggled to accept the thick invasion of his body.


With the discomfort fading to a dull throb, she could finally register the shock in his voice and that he’d gone still inside her.

“You’re a virgin?” he choked out.

“Yes. I thought you knew?” She ran her tongue over her lips and hesitantly wrapped her legs around his waist.

The movement brought him deeper inside her, stretched her, and she drew a ragged breath in.

“No, I didn’t know.” He gave a soft laugh and lowered his head to lick one of her rigid nipples. “But I will say it’s a very nice surprise.”

Warmth spread all throughout her body, from her toes to the top of her head. She ran her fingers through his hair and gave a soft sigh.

“You’re so tight. So creamy. God, Gemma, you feel incredible.” His face pinched, and he began to move inside her, slow and gentle at first. She matched his thrusts, learning the rhythm he so patiently taught her.

Pleasure built inside her, twisting higher and higher still. Her mind spun with the sensation, her heart heavy with emotion.

“Hunter, please,” she cried out, not even sure what she was begging for.

“Yes.” His fingers bit into her ass cheeks as he lifted her to move faster inside her. His gaze held hers, a possessiveness that seared her to her soul. “Tell me. Who do you belong to, Gemma?”

“I’m yours, Hunter. All yours.”

“Yes, Gemma.” He pressed deeper inside her. “Mine forever. Say it.”

“Forever,” she agreed wildly. “I’m yours forever, Hunter.”

He pulled out of her and buried his face between her legs again, his tongue seeking her swollen clit.

The orgasm ripped through her, rocking her all the way to her core. With her body still quaking from release, he entered her again with his cock, pounding inside her faster and harder, until he screamed her name and she felt him spurt hot and thick inside her body.

“You are mine, Gemma,” he whispered, before his weight fell heavy on top of her. “Forever…”

The van hit a pothole, and Gemma fell backward against Hunter’s chest. His arm tightened around her waist, and his lips grazed the nape of her neck. Hot shivers raced through her, but she ground her teeth together and jerked away.

Apparently forever had the same definition as the next morning in Hunter’s world.

The memory of that last night she’d spent with him faded back into the dark recess of her mind. The same place she’d tried unsuccessfully to store it all these years.

Her stomach churned with the familiar pain and bitterness. He’d left after that night with a promise to see her the next day, only she’d never seen or heard from him again.

That had been five years ago. Five years.

And then last week he’d sent her the cold, toneless e-mail. Her jaw hardened with anger. Certifiable. Because he’d actually done it.

Not for the first time, she had to ask herself how well she’d really known Hunter. She’d known he helped out at his mom’s deli every now and then and taught martial arts. Yes, they’d talked about anything and everything. Their fears and dreams. Fantasies. She’d thought she knew him, but had she?

They’d not even been together a month, and at times he’d seemed to be hiding something. That something had always eaten at her. Even today. Was he married? Had he been seeing another woman? What was he hiding?

It didn’t matter. None of it did. Not anymore, at least. And she had to stop trying to analyze and solve a puzzle that should have been put to rest years ago.

Hunter had obviously slipped off the deep end with the stunt he’d pulled today. Gemma shook her head. She’d find a way out of this for her and Megan. She had a good future with Jeffrey, and damn Hunter for trying to take that from her.

When Gemma pulled away from him again, this time Hunter let her go. She moved to the seats behind him and folded her arms across her chest, her shoulders rigid.

He watched her closely, trying to gage just how much she hated him right about now. The answer wasn’t encouraging.

“We need to put clothes on you two before we reach the main road,” Joaquin said suddenly from the driver’s seat.

Hunter gave a terse nod. His people had no issue with nudity, but humans—though having grown less apprehensive and more tolerant of their kind over the years—weren’t comfortable with the frequent display of nakedness. And right now, they couldn’t afford to draw extra attention to themselves.

“I have no clothes,” Gemma reminded him acidly. “My dress is now scattered around the forest in enough tiny pieces to deck out an entire community of squirrels.”

Hunter bit back a soft laugh, knowing that she wouldn’t appreciate his amusement.

“We brought extra clothes. Figuring Gemma might try and run.” Brad grinned and glanced closer at Megan. “Fortunately we got you, little lady, out of there before you got the chance.”

Hunter noted the spark of interest in Brad’s gaze as he stared at her and made a note to talk to the man later. Megan was off limits. She’d just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not to mention she was just too young.

Hunter reached behind the seat and grabbed the nylon bag sitting next to Gemma. He unzipped it and handed her a cotton dress.

“Put this on.”

For a minute, he thought she’d refuse, but then her eyes narrowed and she tugged the dress over her body, smoothing the fabric down her curves. She probably appreciated the fact that she didn’t have to be naked in front of him anymore.

Hunter changed into the clothes he’d worn earlier—before he’d gone after Gemma.

A few minutes later, they turned onto the major highway, putting more distance between themselves and Delmore’s luxury resort.

He glanced behind him again, and the air locked in his lungs. Even with the dress on, her body still tempted him. The urge to suck on those soft pink nipples, stoke the fire between her legs, and bring her pleasure until she begged him to fuck her rode him hard.

He wanted to hear her promise that she was his again, but he knew the chances of that were slim to none. Leaning more toward none.

Hunter couldn’t fault her for getting on with her life. And as far as he knew, Gemma still had no idea that he worked for the Elite Shifter Agency. He knew what had happened after that mind-blowing night they’d spent together. But he also realized that from her point of view, she’d given herself to him entirely, and then he’d vanished from her life. Talk about taking the asshole of the year award.

Regret twisted in his gut. He wished things could have been different. That he could have found a way to tell her…

But he hadn’t and she’d moved on. And he knew deep down he shouldn’t begrudge her for that. He might have even accepted her new life easier if she hadn’t moved on with Jeffrey Delmore.

His eyes narrowed, and he glanced out the window of the SUV.

It was obvious Gemma had no idea what kind of man she was marrying, that her future husband was a low-life filth who headed up a sick underground trafficking ring that ended in death. He knew Gemma well enough to realize she’d never have gotten involved with such blatant evil. And it was evil.

They’d been trying to get the proof on Delmore since they’d first begun to suspect him, but the man was slick. This weekend, they were trying a new route, though. Sending in bait. And hopefully the bastard was stupid enough to take it.

Thank God he’d found Gemma before she could marry the creep. Hunter was determined to see that she never did.