Going All In

Three of a Kind, Book 1

Jess Dee

Chapter 1

I call, and I raise you twenty dollars.” Julia Savage placed her bet. The evening was drawing to a close, and she figured she might as well take a bit of a chance before leaving Jay Baxter’s flat.

Jay gave her a look that scorched all the way through to her toes. “Raising the stakes, are we?” He checked his cards and winked, stirring up every dirty fantasy she’d ever had about him—and she’d had her fair share. “Cool. I see your twenty.”

Hunter Miles laid down his hand. Serious as ever, he shook his head, making his blond hair glisten like wheat under the lights. “Too rich for me. I fold.”

Julia resisted the overwhelming urge to run her hand through his silky locks. She nodded at Hunter instead, making sure her expression was blank. “Okay, Jay. Deal the turn.”

Jay burned a card then flipped one. Queen of Hearts.

This time Julia let a smile play on the corner of her mouth. Sometimes a little bluff went a long way in a game of poker. Real life, on the other hand, was a different story. “I bet another ten.” She added more chips to the growing pile in the center of the table.

Jay grinned and matched her bet.

Her heart lurched. “River card?”

“At your command.” Jay looked at her a second too long, then burned another card and showed her the river.

It took a moment to comprehend what the card was. Her brain couldn’t compute much besides the men on either side of her. They left her mind reeling and her heart thumping.

Ten of Spades.

Hunter whistled, his lips pulling into a sexy pout, and Julia made sure her gaze stayed on the cards. No point in examining his delectable mouth now. She had to focus on her game.

Two tens, a queen, a jack and a nine lay on the table.

Julia narrowed her eyes then opened them wide. She held a lousy Three of Hearts and Six of Diamonds. In other words—nothing. “Thirty dollars.”

Jay looked at her with a frown. Then he looked some more, after which he glanced at his cards one last time. “Pot’s yours,” he conceded with his charming Jay smile and laid down his hand.

Julia gave a satisfied nod, handed in her cards and helped herself to the winnings. She suppressed the snicker that fought for release. She’d played them both like a pro. No way would she show them her piddly hand. Bluffing was her forte and damned if she wasn’t good at it.

Heck, she’d been bluffing them both for months, pretending her interest in the two men ran no further than their weekly Friday-night poker games. Pretending she wasn’t head-over-heels in love with both of them, and she didn’t lie awake at night wondering which one would make a better boyfriend or lover.

God knew she wanted one as a boyfriend or lover. The question was, who would she choose?

She couldn’t answer. That was her whole problem. She wanted them both equally. There was no way she could opt for Jay over Hunter, or Hunter over Jay. Not if being with one man meant never having the other.

The guys had no clue how often she dreamed of them or how each dream drove her insane with its lack of clarity. She’d see herself making love with one of them, and then mid-vision, that man would morph into the other. Hunter would become Jay, or Jay would become Hunter.

It was odd that she couldn’t separate them in her dreams, because the men were so different in real life. Jay was a loveable clown, and Hunter an earnest, focused go-getter.

Her affection for Jay had crept up on her over the last year or so. Like her, Jay was a pharmaceutical rep. They worked the same territory, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, and had made it a habit to meet up often for lunch. Over salads and sandwiches he’d regale her with stories of doctor calls, keeping her in stitches of laughter. It was Jay who’d invited her—the only woman ever—to join his poker club after he’d learned about her passion for the game. Which was where she’d met Hunter, a product manager from another pharmaceutical company. She’d taken one look at the solemn, intense blond hunk and lost her heart to him too.

Julia glanced at her watch. Eleven-forty-five. The rest of their poker club had gone home already, leaving the three of them.

Hunter took the pack and shuffled. “Up for another round?”

“Always,” Jay answered.

“You bet,” Julia chimed in. “But last one for me.” It was a good idea to leave before the night got too late. Before the idea of propositioning one of them became too appealing to refuse.

Jay poured her another glass of red wine and topped up his and Hunter’s scotch. “Should we up the stakes?”

Julia scowled at him, determined to hide the fact that the very idea sent shivers of desire racing up her spine. “Shit, Jay. How many times do I have to say it? I’m not playing strip poker.”

Jay grinned, once again sending flames shooting through her belly. “Chill, Jules. I’m talking about opening bets. Fifty bucks too high for you?”

The man was insufferable. Tall, smug, funny, gorgeous, sexy and way too confident for his own good. Julia would give her right arm to sleep with him.

“Make it sixty,” she dared.

Hunter gave a low chuckle. “You’ve got style, Jules. I’ll give you that.”

“You in then, Blondie?” She shot him a challenging look, and her heart skipped a beat. Men didn’t come much better looking than Hunter. With his square jaw, bottomless brown eyes and straight nose, he epitomized handsome. She’d give her left arm to sleep with him.

Hunter harrumphed. “So much for having style.” He counted out a pile of chips and pushed them forward. “I’m in, Four Eyes.”

It was Julia’s turn to harrumph at the nickname, but she didn’t. Hunter had been calling her Four Eyes for so long, she knew it was his affectionate way of referring to her. She simply pushed her glasses up on her nose and chanted, “‘They say men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses. But do girls who wear glasses make passes at men?’”

His smoldering gaze made her toes curl. “Don’t know about other men,” he said, “but this girl’s never made a pass at me.”

Damn the man. He was too sexy for his own good. And she would have made a pass at him months ago—when she’d met him at her first poker game—if she hadn’t had such strong feelings about Jay.

“Me neither.” Jay stared at her speculatively, his beautiful blue eyes sparkling with humor. “Think that’s because she’s not interested, or because she wears glasses?”

Oh, she was interested all right. How could she not be? Jay could make her heart sing as easily as he could bring a smile to her face. And Hunter’s eyes seemed to see more than she ever showed him. His serious nature inspired soul-deep conversations. She adored talking to him, adored comparing their views of the world and discovering his opinions weren’t so different from hers. Heck she adored him. Which brought her back to her original problem—how could she choose one guy over the other?

Damn it! Why couldn’t she be in love with one of them? It would make life so simple.

“There’s only one way to find out if she’s interested,” Hunter said. “Lose the specs, Four Eyes.”

When would she learn to keep her mouth shut? They’d take any opportunity to tease her mercilessly. She shoved forward sixty dollars’ worth of chips. “Deal the cards, Blondie.”

Jay added his bet to the pile. “It’s cool, mate,” he reassured Hunter. “Let her wear the glasses ’til the hand’s been played. She can’t see a thing without them.”

Again Hunter flashed his smoldering look. “It’s a deal. One more round…and then all bets are off.” He doled out the cards.

“You boys are full of it.” Julia inspected her hand. King and Ace of Spades. “There’s so much hot air in this room, I’m surprised the glasses in question haven’t fogged up yet.” She took a sip of wine to moisten her dry mouth. The three of them fooled around like this often, and the lighthearted banter, heavy with sexual undertones, got to Julia every time.

It was Jay who answered as he picked up his hand. “They will fog up,” he said, “just not from hot air.”

The corner of Hunter’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t give in to a full-blown smile as he dealt the flop. A four, a king and an ace.

Julia’s heart jumped into her throat—and it had nothing to do with the cards in front of her.

They all checked.

She tapped her glasses. “Still clear as crystal,” she observed.

Hunter flipped a seven.

Jay grinned at her and bet twenty dollars. She and Hunter matched the bet.

Hunter flipped the river. Another ace.

Jay bet thirty.

Julia went all in.

Hunter paused for a moment. “Things are heating up,” he said to his cards. “Get ready for the fog, Four Eyes.” He pushed all his chips into the center of the table. “I call your bet.”

Julia raised an eyebrow.

Jay folded. “Want me to get you a serviette?” he offered her. “To wipe off the glasses?”

“I’m good, thanks.” She grinned at him then looked at Hunter. “What are you holding?”

“Read ’em and weep.” Hunter showed his hand with smug look. A pair of kings. “Full house.” He leaned forward to gather the chips together.

Not so fast, Blondie.” She laid out her cards. “Another full house. Ace high.”

Hunter stared in astonishment.

Julia turned to Jay. “Better give Hunter that serviette. It looks like he’s going to cry.” She polished off her wine. “And on that note, gentlemen, I believe I’ll take my leave. With my glasses still on and clear as crystal.”

“It’s because she can’t see well enough without them to drive home,” Hunter told Jay knowingly.

“Take them off, Jules.” Jay winked at her. “You can spend the night here.”

Julia’s stomach did a three-point turn. “And where will I sleep?” She eyed the couch dubiously.

“Spend the night with me, Four Eyes. You won’t sleep at all.” Hunter’s voice was a little lower than usual, and its timbre caught her between the legs and tugged.

Julia studiously ignored him. She packed away the cards and counted her chips, hoping her hand wasn’t shaking hard enough to knock everything over. “Two hundred and seventy dollars.” She smiled a haughty smile. Her highest winnings to date.

“Keep it. I won’t charge you for staying over,” Jay told her, deliberately misunderstanding.

“Cash ’em in please, Blondie. I need to get home.”

Jay threw his arms up in surrender. “Fine. This week you get to leave. Don’t count on it next Friday.” Before she could respond, he stood. “I’m going to make some coffee. Want some?”

“Love some,” Hunter said at the same time Julia refused. She had to go, before temptation overwhelmed her. The only thing stopping her from doing something dumb, like tackling one of the guys to the floor and throwing herself on top of him—naked—was her inability to choose which one she’d tackle.

Jay went into the kitchen, and Hunter walked over to Julia. He offered her the money, and she accepted it, keeping her arm stiff to hide her trembling. Before she could pull away, Hunter caught her hand in his.

“Take off the glasses, Jules.” This time there was not a hint of a smile playing on the corner of his mouth.

Julia looked at him, startled. Her heart began to beat in an irregular pattern.

He ran a thumb over the back of her hand, sending streaks of delight whizzing up her arm. “Take them off,” he said again, his voice a mere whisper.


He took the money and placed it on the table. Then he leaned over until his mouth was close to hers. “You said it, sweetheart. Men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” His brown eyes narrowed to tiny slits.

She gaped at him. Quick comebacks had always been her strong point. So why, in the face of Hunter’s physical proximity, did she struggle to put together the simplest of sentences? Never mind coherent speech, why did she struggle to breathe?

His gaze was on her lips now. “Okay,” he conceded huskily, “maybe they do.” With that, he closed the space between her mouth and his.

Julia would have gasped out loud, but Hunter possessed her lips—and her voice. His lips weaved their magic across hers, nibbling, stroking, caressing.

Her breath hitched in her throat. She’d spent months lusting after him, months fantasizing about him, and now Hunter was finally kissing her.

With a soft groan, he touched the tip of his tongue to her lips. Her mouth drew open as if by will of its own. Her acceptance of his silent appeal was all he needed. Hunter took control of the kiss with an expertise that wiped thought from her mind. All she could focus on were the exquisite sensations he evoked within. The warmth that suffused her body, the tingles that raced over her skin and the shivers that crept up her spine.

The man could kiss. Not that she’d expected anything less, but melting on a chair in Jay’s dining room was a startling turn of events. One she’d craved for four months. One she’d only dreamed would transpire.

Hunter pulled away, inhaled and licked his lips. “Mmm. You taste as decadent as the wine you’ve been drinking.” He licked his lips again.

With his tongue engendering all sorts of wicked thoughts, Julia didn’t stop to think about her answer. She’d wanted him to kiss her since that first poker game. Since she’d looked at him and stars had exploded. “You taste like sex.”

With a groan he crushed his mouth to hers, kissing her with an ardor that made her pussy clench. Her dreams had never been this good—in her fantasies his lips had never been as thorough. Hunter need only say the word and she’d strip naked for him.

But then, Jay need only say the word, and she’d strip naked for him too.

The thought of the brown-haired hunk in the kitchen brought a whimper to her throat. Hunter’s kiss was exquisite. Out-of-this-world amazing. But how could she kiss him knowing she loved Jay too?

How could she not?

A rush of heat pooled between her legs. Her nipples tightened into hard beads. Damn! The man could kiss.

Without releasing her mouth, Hunter pulled her up and backed her across the room. Blinded by passion, she tagged along, her trust in him absolute. Besides, she wasn’t about to end the kiss so she could see where he led her.

When her back touched the wall, he sighed and crowded into her, pressing his body against hers. Every inch of him was hard, from his muscular thighs to his powerful arms. From the solid wall of his chest down to the thick erection in his jeans.

“Miles,” a voice sounded behind Hunter. A low male voice that made her shiver.

Jay was here. Watching her with Hunter.

“Go ’way, Baxter,” Hunter mumbled against her lips.

“Not on your life. I want me a taste of that.”

He did?

Hunter resumed the kiss, his mouth filling hers with delicious promises.

“Shift over, Blondie,” Jay said with quiet determination.

What the…? That hadn’t sounded like the chilled-out, laid-back Jay at all.

Hunter sighed and began to pull away. His lips clung to hers as his tongue gave a final sweep of her mouth. He pressed his rigid cock against her groin before taking a deep breath and stepping aside.

She didn’t have time to protest. Jay took Hunter’s place before she registered the loss of contact with him. He gave her a dazzling smile and claimed her mouth in another bone-melting kiss.

Jay. The guy who tempted her on a weekly basis with his shameless flirting but never quite carried through on his half promises, now brushed her lips with his, teasing her with his tongue and igniting all sorts of fires in her belly.

Kissing him was nothing like kissing Hunter. While his lips and tongue tantalized, his body caressed, moving first this way then that, ensuring every part of her was stroked by every part of him. He was as solid as Hunter—everywhere—but his height and her position threw Julia off balance. His hands spanned the width of her back and waist, and she stood on tiptoes, wrapped her arms around his neck and held on for dear life, never wanting to let go.

The kiss they shared wasn’t just temperature-raising, toe-curling unbelievable, it was a culmination of a year’s worth of teasing.

As horny as it made her—and man, was she ever horny—Julia wasn’t sure she was ready for this. How could she kiss Jay and Hunter? She’d spent months agonizing over her love for both of them. Months trying to choose one over the other—and now they were both kissing her.

On the other hand she wasn’t ready to pull away. Because no one had ever kissed her quite like Hunter or Jay. No one had ever evoked such a physical response from her in quite so short a time. In fact, no man had ever kissed her two seconds after another man had pulled away.

Jay lifted his head, catching his breath. God, she was kissing Hunter and Jay. Both of them!

Too much. It was happening too fast. She couldn’t let it go any further.

Could she?

If she felt this good being kissed by two men, imagine how she’d feel making love to them both.

What the fuck?

Was she out of her mind even considering the idea?

Her answer was a resounding yes. She had to be out of her mind. Good girls didn’t do that sort of thing, and she’d been raised to be a good girl.

Even as her mouth opened to welcome back Jay’s tongue, she used her hands to push him away. He let her go—but didn’t release her lips.

Hunter took her hand and twirled her out of Jay’s embrace, back into his own arms. Jay swore. The world spun out of control. Her chest hummed, her pussy clenched and she accepted Hunter’s greedy kiss again. For a second. A minute. An hour.

Then there was pressure at her back, another person melding his body to hers. His hips cradled the top of her butt, and his cock pressed firm against her lower spine. Her hair was pushed to the side, and feather-light kisses were pressed to her neck. Tiny nips attacked her ears, so light the sting was less like pain and more like darts of pleasure rushing through her.

Here she was, cocooned between the two finest-looking men she’d ever had the pleasure of meeting, being treated to a sensory seduction of lips and tongues, and damned if she wasn’t steaming past boiling point.

Why the heck did good girls not indulge in activities like this? It felt incredible.

If she didn’t put a stop to this, fast, there was no question where they would end up. And much as she fancied herself in love with both men, she couldn’t quite see herself sleeping with them at the same time. Sure, ménages were okay in erotic romance books, but in real life? Not even close.

Although the thought of a three-way with Hunter and Jay had her perspiring. It had her heart smacking against her ribs so hard she feared it might cause permanent damage. And damn it, it had her knickers so wet the evidence might well show through her jeans.

With more reluctance than she would have liked, she drew away from Hunter’s kiss. “Stop,” she whispered. “Please.”

Her breasts ached, and her stomach rolled with rebellious anger. Her head might be telling her one thing, but her body spoke a very different language.

Brown eyes stared intently at her. The same brown eyes that seemed to look into her soul whenever they talked. “You sure that’s what you want?” Hunter asked.

Jay’s lips trailed delicious sparks down the back of her neck, making her shiver.

“N-no. I’m not at all sure.” Her confession was rewarded with a hand skimming the side of her breast. She closed her eyes as extreme pleasure fluttered through her chest. Whose touch it was, she couldn’t fathom. Either of them would have set off the same reaction. “But I can’t do this. It…it’s not right.”

“It’s…different, perhaps,” Jay said. “But it’s as right as you want it to be.” He nipped her earlobe one final time, and then he too stepped aside, freeing Julia from her exquisite prison.

She moved away from the men, her steps shaky and uncertain. How could two men seducing her, together, be right? Even if she did love them both?

Because it feels incredible, her body answered, still talking a different language from her head.

Yes, her head agreed. It felt bloody fantastic. But still, two men? At the same time. Uh-uh. She couldn’t do it.

Without a word, she grabbed her denim jacket and car keys and walked to the front door. She knew she’d left her winnings but couldn’t face going back for them.

“Four Eyes?” Hunter stopped her. She turned to face him. His bottomless brown eyes brimmed with desire. “It’s not true,” he told her, while Jay opened the door, making it clear he wouldn’t prevent her from leaving. “Men don’t give a shit whether girls wear glasses.”

Chapter 2

I can’t believe it.”

Julia cringed.

“Both of them?” Kim stared at her, perplexed.

“Don’t look at me like that. It was just a kiss.” Yeah, and the pope was just a priest.

“A kiss?” Her sister raised her eyebrow.

“Okay, a few kisses.” Julia studied her nails. “Is that so terrible?” She hoped no one could hear their conversation. The coffee shop they sat in was small, and other customers need only prick up their ears to listen in on them.

Kim set her cappuccino down on the saucer. “I don’t know. Is it?”

“Shit,” Julia bit out in frustration. “You’re supposed to be helping me, not questioning me. Give me some big-sisterly advice.”

Kim looked at her apologetically. “I’m sorry. You just, er, surprised me.”

“Yeah, well Jay and Hunter surprised me.” There was the understatement of the century.

She’d spent four months with the men, teasing and flirting. What changed? Why had Hunter suddenly upped the stakes? What inspired him to kiss her?

What if he’d never touched her? Would Jay have shown her his hand? Would he have taken the initiative and kissed her? And if he had, would Hunter have pushed him out of the way to lay his wager, like Jay had?

Did it matter? The cards had been dealt. Both Hunter and Jay had expressed their interest. The rules had changed. The game was different. The only question Julia was left with was did she still want to play?

“Please, help me,” she begged her sister. “Tell me what to do about it.”

“Hmmm…” Kim thought out loud. “Have you spoken to them since Friday?”

“I’m kind of doing my best to avoid them.” No way could she face either of them yet. “Jay phoned a few times to meet for lunch, but I made excuses so I wouldn’t have to see him.” The last time he’d phoned, she’d stammered out some garbage about not being able to take time off work for lunch and still keep up her call rate, what with Christmas around the corner.

“You can run, Jules,” Jay had told her with a husky laugh, “but you can’t hide.” He’d hung up, leaving Julia shaken and aroused.

“How about Hunter?” Kim asked.

Julia’s skin grew hot at the very mention of his name. “He’s phoned too.” Which was out of character for him. “But I was too chicken to answer his calls, so I texted back saying I’d see him at poker tonight.”

“Brave of you,” Kim said sarcastically.

“Hey, you kiss two men you have the hots for, at the same time, and then let’s talk about brave.”

“Russell might protest,” Kim pointed out.

Julia pulled a face. “See, you’re lucky. Being married and all, you don’t have to worry about these things.”

Kim frowned. “Even when I wasn’t married I never found myself in a situation like this.”

“I didn’t tell you about Friday night so you could get all righteous with me,” Julia snapped. “I’ve never been in a situation like this either. I thought you might be able to offer some sage advice.”

Kim laughed. “You’re talking to the Queen of Conservative here. Why on earth do you think I’d have any wise words of wisdom?”

Julia eyed her with an evil grin. “Because you’re weren’t always the Queen of Conservative, Miss I-slept-with-three-different-guys-in-one-week Savage.”

Kim grinned right back. “Yeah, so maybe I did. But not at the same time.”

Julia sniffed. “I haven’t slept with Jay and Hunter at the same time.”


“You’re not helping,” Julia grumbled.

Kim sat up straight and wiped the smile off her face. “Okay, let’s talk this out logically. You were nuts about them before this all happened. How do you feel about them now?”

Julia blinked. How could she tell her sister she’d spent the week in a sexual frenzy, desperate for the touch of both men? She’d been so aroused by Jay and Hunter’s advances she’d spent every night since with her faithful vibrator. And damn it, more than once she’d found herself wondering what it would be like using two vibrators at the same time.

Although the toy had helped to soothe the ache in her pussy, its benefits had been temporary. A jellied penis didn’t kiss her or hold her afterwards. Nor did it ease the bewildering ache in her heart. She wanted Jay and Hunter for that. Jay or Hunter.

“I’m still nuts about them,” was her candid response.

“Both of them?” Kim asked. “Or now are you more attracted to one than the other?”

Julia shook her head in despair. “Both of them. I still can’t choose.” If anything, the interlude had reinforced her feelings. “And yes, before you say anything else, I am considering sleeping with both of them.”

Kim’s eyes widened, but to her credit she didn’t make any further sarcastic remarks. “Here’s what worries me.” She hesitated as though wondering how to word her concerns. “If you take this any further, the three of you will never be able to go back to being what you were before, or to having what you had. If you sleep with both of them the dynamics of your friendships change. They have to. There’s now sex involved.”

Julia’s stomach sank. That wasn’t what she wanted to hear.

Her thoughts must have been reflected on her face because Kim hurried on. “Look, I know you’ve got this vision of yourself being involved with one of them. But do you think either Jay or Hunter would want a relationship with someone who slept with him and his friend?”

Julia blanched. “I hadn’t thought so far in advance.” Since last Friday she hadn’t thought further than lusting after both of them and knowing she shouldn’t. Served her right for asking Kim’s advice. She wanted a serving of reality, and her sister gave her that.

Kim squeezed her arm. “I’m sorry, Jules. I know I’m not saying what you want to hear. And remember, I haven’t met either guy, so I may be wrong.” She shrugged. “But I don’t know any man who’d be okay with that scenario.”

Julia thought about it. Would either Jay or Hunter consider having a one-on-one relationship with her if she did sleep with both of them?

She didn’t have a clue.

“Okay, let’s turn the scenario around,” Kim said. “Let’s say you sleep with both of them, and then you introduce them to Mom and Dad as your…boyfriends. How would you feel?”

“Are you out of your freaking mind?” Almost immediately Julia lowered her voice to a whisper as people at the tables around them turned to look at her. “I could never introduce them to Mom and Dad under those circumstances.” The thought was excruciating. Her parents would be appalled.

“Why not?”

“I’d be embarrassed. Downright mortified.” As open-minded as her folks were about issues like sex before marriage and spending the night at a boyfriend’s place, they were also open about their expectations of their daughters. Neither Kim nor Julia had been under any doubt growing up that they were expected to get married and have children. Kim had already lived up to her responsibility. She had a husband and a gorgeous daughter. Now all eyes were turned to Julia as the family waited for her to announce her nuptials to some lucky bloke.

Julia had made it clear she wasn’t ready for marriage. One day, but not now. Still, that didn’t mean her parents would welcome two men into Julia’s life, and certainly not at the same time. On the contrary, they’d be horrified.

Kim nodded and cringed, and Julia knew she understood exactly how she’d feel. “Does that tell you anything?”

Julia closed her eyes. “Mom and Dad wouldn’t approve.”

“Afraid not.”

Julia took it a step further. “And if I’d be all embarrassed about introducing them, it probably means I don’t approve either.”


She opened her eyes, feeling miserable. “So if I don’t approve, why can’t I stop thinking about them?”

“I’m sorry, Jules. I can’t answer that.” Kim frowned. Again she hesitated before speaking. “Okay, you want to know what I really think?”

“Of course I want to know. That’s the whole purpose of this conversation.”

“I think you should stop this right now. Whatever’s going on between the three of you, don’t take it any further. You’ll ruin the relationships you already have with the two of them. Plus you won’t be proud of yourself—not if you’re embarrassed by your actions.”

Kim was right, of course. Her sister had an uncanny knack of seeing things from a different angle to her. A clearer angle.

Julia dropped her head in her hands. As appealing as the idea might be, sleeping with both men was unacceptable. If Julia had approved, she’d have gone the distance last week. She’d have torn off her clothes, and Hunter’s and Jay’s, and demanded they all make love right there on Jay’s dining room floor.

She hadn’t, because that kind of behavior would demand she cross a line she wasn’t prepared to cross. Not if she ever wanted to look her parents, or herself, in the eye again.

Julia sat up straight. She knew what she had to do. The next time she saw Jay and Hunter, her focus would have to be on getting their relationship off the track it had jumped onto last week and back onto neutral ground. If she had any hope of forming a lasting relationship with one man, she had to give up the unexpected invitation to sample both of them.


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