A Vampire Taken

Kansas City Vampires Book 3

G.R. George

Chapter 1

Remarkable town and country presence the ad had read. As the car passed through the iron security gates and up the long driveway, heavily wooded on both sides, Doctor Nathan Greer couldn’t help but wonder what the hell he’d gotten himself into. The three-story stone house sat ominously nestled amongst blossoming cherry trees and pink dogwood. Two portentous chimneys rose from the top, adding to the air of gothic.

Nathan leaned his head against the car seat. “How’d you manage to get the real estate office to give you a key?”

“I asked.” Guillermo smiled as they stepped out of the car and took Nathan’s hand, leading him up the front steps and under a large arch to the mahogany double door.

“I don’t know about this, Gui.”

“Give it a chance. It is private and secluded.” He pulled the key from his pocket and unlocked the front door.

Nathan was stunned as he walked in. The foyer was tiled in black marble, and the walls a pale shade of sage. They walked through into an enormous living room with a ceiling that vaulted to the third floor. Red oak hardwood floors served as the base to the room, the walls were painted a deep gold, and a stone fireplace served as a focal point in the right corner.

“Holy shit.”

“So, what do you think, amante?” Guillermo’s arms encircled Nathan’s waist and he rested his chin on the young vampire’s shoulder. “It is big enough, no?”

Nathan patted his lover’s hands and sighed. He looked around the empty living room. Big enough wasn’t the problem. Freaking huge barely covered the description. “It’s fine.”

Three months had passed since he’d found out his ex-fiancée Anna was pregnant, and only two days since the paternity test proved beyond a doubt he was the father.

“What is wrong then?” Guillermo turned Nathan in his arms until the front of their bodies pressed close. “Tell me what troubles you, mi amor.”

“Oh, where do you want me to start?” Nathan pulled away and walked to the middle of the room. “Well, let’s see. I am in a gay relationship with a master vampire, my mother has joined PFLAG, I have a seven-foot, seven-hundred-year-old Viking servant who is dating the bitch who turned me into a vampire, and my ex is undeniably pregnant with my child. And if those things aren’t bad enough, I’m considering letting you buy this big-ass monster palace to house everyone! Does that about sum up my troubles for you?”

“It is a miracle, yes.”

Nathan’s life made his head spin, and all Guillermo could say was it’s a miracle. “Which part?”

“Anna being embarazado, pregnant.”

“Oh, that’s the understatement of the century. I’d have called it impossible if I didn’t have proof.” Nathan plopped down cross legged on the unfurnished floor. “Knowing my luck, the baby will be born with fangs and a tail, shooting fireworks from its butt every time it farts.” He sighed again. “Tell me again why we should all live here?”

Amante, mi amor, living with Anna was your idea. You are worried about her having a healthy pregnancy, and that is understandable. I have grown fond of her as well. And your apartment is muy pequeño, too small for her to live there, and you practically live at my place when you are not working…”

“I’d hardly call one drawer and a little closet space living there.”

“Semantics.” Guillermo waved his hand and tsked. “Tyr must come because he is bound to you, and you would not be able to keep him out if you tried, and Nadine, well, she is a necessity to me and my business.”

Nathan groaned inwardly. At least with Tyr around, Nadine might not be in his face all the time.

Kneeling behind Nathan, Guillermo laced his fingers through the coarse brown hair. He leaned forward and pressed his face to the bend in Nathan’s neck. “It is for the best, amante.”

“I suppose,” Nathan grumbled, but his worries were already disappearing under Guillermo’s gentle touch.

“Just think. We have an apartment over the four-car garage for when your madre visits, and Anna can live in the courtyard house, so she is close, but still has privacy. It is perfect.”

Nathan leaned his head back against Guillermo. The way the master vampire rolled his R’s in the word “perfect” would have sent him to the floor, if he hadn’t already been sitting there. “God, you know how to say all the right things in just the right way.” Rubbing his face against Guillermo’s cheek, he added, “Can you really afford this?”

“It is only money, amante.”

“Nearly four million dollars of only money. It’s too much.”

“Nathaniel,” he began—Nathan knew when Guillermo used his first name like that it meant he was irritated—”I have so much, and never a reason to use it. My needs are small, my means large. Let me do this for you.” His voice lowered, softened. “For us.”

How could Nathan say no to him? “All right. For us.”

Guillermo turned and kissed him hard on the lips. “Muy bien! I have already purchased the property.”

“You did what—” Nathan’s words were cut short by another kiss. “Hey, no fair.”

Guillermo stood, his black hair falling over his eyes. “Is there not an American custom to christen a new home?” He wasted no time before his shirt and pants hit the floor.

“Sweet Jesus.” Nathan took a moment to admire Guillermo’s firmly muscled body, broad chest, narrow waist and hips, long, lean legs, and an already hard cock pointing in Nathan’s direction. “Why, yes,” he finally said. “I think there is.”

“Your turn.” There was no play in Guillermo’s words, and his dark, charcoal irises gazed at Nathan with unmatched intensity.

Guillermo dropped to his knees again, crawling toward Nathan, his body moving gracefully, powerfully, like a predator. He used his hands to crawl up Nathan’s legs, tugging at his jeans. “Off,” Guillermo snarled, using his teeth to unsnap the top button.

Nathan’s fingers went to his zipper automatically, but Guillermo slapped his hand away. “Quiero.” He growled. “I am going to savor every moment, slowly, and you are going to let me.”

“I don’t know if I can.”

Me confia, mi amante?”

“Yes, yes. I do trust you.”

Leaning his head back and closing his eyes, Nathan prayed for the strength to give Guillermo what he wanted—control.

Guillermo’s mouth bit through the dense fabric, feeling Nathan’s hard length with his teeth. Every caress brought a new noise from his lover’s throat, some whimpering, some primal, but each one charging Guillermo’s desire. He drew back, watching Nathan’s face as he tugged the tight jeans over his hips. Taking Nathan’s cock into his hand, he admired the firm, smooth shaft, which arched to the right. He lifted the shaft away from his lover’s body so he could take the reddening head into his mouth.

Nathan trembled under his ministrations.

Cupping the loose sacs of Nathan’s testicles, Guillermo drew him deeper into his mouth, rolling his tongue across the distended veins, licking and sucking the length of the shaft. He drew the jeans down to the young vampire’s feet. Nathan stepped out of the pants and kicked them across the floor. Next, Guillermo moved up the gorgeously muscled body, one kiss at a time, drawing his shirt up and over his lover’s head. “Now that I have you as I like you…” Gui fisted Nathan’s shaft. “Follow me.”

Wicked thoughts played in Guillermo’s mind as he led Nathan through French doors separating the living area from the formal dining room, then into the kitchen, and out of the back door. A gust of cool wind blew across the patio and the moon was full, surrounded by the millions of stars visible in the incredibly clear sky.

Nathan hesitated. “Where are we going?”

“I have not made love under the stars in a very long time.”

Nathan stopped and Guillermo released his cock. “Outside? You want to do it out here?”

“Nathaniel,” Guillermo said, irritated by his lover’s reluctance, “we are on five secluded acres, surrounded by a security fence, and unseen by the city. Can you just, this once, do as I ask?”

Blinking, Nathan reached out and grabbed Guillermo’s hand, placing it back on his rock-hard length. “Okay.”

Guillermo smiled. “Gracias. Now, no more questions. Prométame.”

“I promise.”

Guillermo’s own length twitched in anticipation. “Pienso de ti con mi cada momento el despertar. I think about you with my every waking moment. Eras tan sexy. Eras el unico para mi. The only one.” The tips of his fingers danced along Nathan’s firm flesh, enjoying the ripples of gooseflesh rising on the tan, smooth skin. “Eres mío y soy tuyo.” You are mine, and I am yours.

He’d prepared for tonight and wasn’t certain how his lover would react to what he had in mind, but he’d wanted their first night at the new house to be unforgettable. Halting under a maple tree near the tennis court, Guillermo whispered, “Aqui.”

Nathan hadn’t been naked outside since he’d been a teenager banging his prom date in old Farmer Wheeldon’s cornfield. The breeze blowing against his cock felt exotic and strangely freeing. A horn honked in the distance, reminding Nathan that even though they were on five acres, it was five acres in the middle of the city. Surprisingly, it heightened his excitement.

Under the tree, Guillermo lifted Nathan’s hands above his head, and gave him a look that dared Nathan to question him. Remembering his promise, he remained silent even as Guillermo lashed his wrists to a low hanging branch.

Gloriously naked and all lithe muscle, Guillermo pressed his hard length against Nathan. “I’m going to make you come, and come.” His tongue brushed Nathan’s ear lobe. “And then I’m going to make you come again.”

Feeling his knees buckle, Nathan groaned. He’d been tied up before by lovers, but never like this. He felt so exposed, but the ropes on his wrists were loose, and he knew Guillermo wouldn’t hurt him.

Mi hombre hermoso.” Guillermo lightly smacked Nathan’s ass and Nathan couldn’t hold back a throaty rumble. “Extremo maravilloso. Quiero comerle total.”

Out of all the rich, vibrant Spanish, Nathan understood the words “my beautiful man,” “marvelous butt,” and something about eating. “What was that last part again?”

Guillermo purred, stalking around him. “I want to eat you whole.” He snapped his teeth at Nathan and grinned. “Metaphorically speaking, of course.”

Hands slid down Nathan’s chest, pulsing along his skin, blazing a trail Guillermo’s tongue followed. Nathan felt fingers slip between his thighs, nudging his legs apart. Hair tickled his sac as Gui moved his head. He looked down when he felt a strap slip around his left ankle. The strap was attached to a stake. Within seconds, his right foot was bound as well.

“Uh, unlike Nadine. I don’t actually enjoy pain.”


“It wasn’t a question!”

Guillermo chuckled, sliding to the backside of Nathan. “Point.” He smoothed his hands across Nathan’s ass. “I won’t hurt you, amante.”

Nathan felt the sting of a swift slap. “Ow.”

“Much.” He rubbed the spot he’d just smacked. “Lean forward.”

“This is a little…” He heard and felt another biting slap on the other cheek. “Ow.”

“Do as you are told!” Gui’s tone was sharp, demanding, and Nathan’s cock begged him to comply.

Nathan soberly leaned forward as much as the bonds would allow. He ached to be filled by Guillermo, and in this aching he felt a small humiliation. His Pentecostal upbringing lent itself to a lot of taboos; this among other things was considered perverted. Since hooking up with Gui, he’d learned that if he let go of his inhibitions, a world of pleasure often ensued, and if he could get past the idea of sleeping with a man, he could do this.

Aside from his personal qualms, his Beast grumbled deep within, unhappy about being in such a submissive position. Nathan restrained it into a tentative silence. He didn’t know how long he could keep it down, though. Not having fed yet, his control was shaky at best.

Guillermo strolled around him, placed a finger into Nathan’s mouth, wetting it completely, then moved back behind. Nathan felt the finger rub against his anus and realized Gui was priming him with his own saliva. His body charged with static, shocking the Hispanic vampire’s hand as Nathan pushed backward toward the slick fingertip.

“Eager.” Making a humming noise, Guillermo withdrew contact. “You are not to move unless I give you permission. Comprende?”

Every part of Nathan’s Beast wanted to rebel, tear away the bindings, and take Guillermo by force. Instead, Nathan answered, through gritted teeth, “Yes.”


The crown of Guillermo’s cock brushed against his tight hole and he jerked forward in response, only to receive yet another stinging blow. “Jeezus,” he whispered hoarsely.

“Do not move again.”

Nathan moaned as he leaned forward once more. Strong hands splayed his buttocks, pulling his cheeks wide. He felt Gui’s tongue slide into the crevice, rimming the constricted circle. Squeezing his eyes shut, he concentrated on not moving either forward or backward, afraid that any movement would make Guillermo stop, and when the tip of the tongue slipped past the first tight ring of muscle, Nathan groaned and bit his lower lip hard enough to make it bleed.

Guillermo’s tongue withdrew and traced small circles around his anus. “Do you like that?”


Guillermo smacked his hand against Nathan’s ass, and Nathan’s eyes opened in time to see a spark leap from the head of his cock. The slap had stung his sensitive flesh, but sent vibrations of pleasure into his channel.

“Do you like that?”

“I…” He felt the sting of Guillermo’s hand again and he felt shamed at how much he liked it.

“Tell me you like it.”

“I can’t…”

Another slap, another wave of pleasure and another spark.

“Tell me or I will stop. Do you like it?”

“Yes,” Nathan panted. “Yes, goddamn you.”

Guillermo stepped away from the younger vampire, withdrawing his touch completely. “Yes what?”

Keeping completely still, Nathan was stunned. What did Guillermo expect him to say? Yes, please? Yes, master? Yes, oh erotic god of anal foreplay? Nathan went with the first. “Yes, please.”

When Guillermo moved back and Nathan could see his feet again, the master vampire had a tube of Astroglide in his hands.

“I’m going to take you duro y profundo, hard and deep,” Guillermo growled in his ear. “When I am finished with you…” Whatever Guillermo said next was blanked from Nathan’s mind as something shiny flashed in the woods and he saw a distinctly human shadow amongst the trees.

“Uh, Gui?” he whispered, not wanting to alert the intruder.


“No, really.”

Guillermo smacked his ass again.

“Ouch!” He quietened his tone again as the shadow moved to the right about twenty feet and forward. “Would you stop for a moment?”

Heavily sighing, Gui rested his hand on Nathan’s back. “You are taking all the enjoyment out of this for me, amante.”

“Well, excuse me for interrupting your playtime…” he nodded to the tree line, “…but we have an audience.”

Guillermo stilled behind him. “I hear them.” He pressed his naked body to Nathan’s back, his erection slipping between the younger vampire’s thighs.

“Do you really think this is the time…”

“Shush, amante.” Guillermo dragged his hand down Nathan’s thigh. “We must give the semblance that we are not aware of their presence.”

The rope around his ankle loosened and Nathan understood what Guillermo was doing. “Would you like me to moan?”

Even though Nathan couldn’t see his face, he heard the smile in Guillermo’s voice. “Only if you must.” His head went between Nathan’s legs and he rolled Nathan’s sac with his mouth as his hands traveled down to the other ankle.

Nathan moaned. “I’m not going to be clear headed if you keep that up.”

“Can you work your hands loose?”


“Good. They are nearly upon us.”

With unnatural quickness, thirteen men dressed in white robes appeared before Nathan and Guillermo.


“Yes,” Guillermo agreed.

A short vampire stepped forward as the others bowed their heads, but even the darkness couldn’t hide their glowing vampire eyes. The one that had stepped forward pointed at Nathan. “Abomination!”

Nathan’s senses went on full alert. “These assholes are looking for a fight.”

Again Gui agreed.

The short vamp seemed unduly agitated and animated. “Oh, you act as if you have not brought this upon yourself, Unrein.”

Unrein? What the hell is that? Of course, lack of understanding was the least of Nathan’s problems. “What the hell did I do?”

The vamp’s voice became more cartoonish and high pitched as he continued. “It is not we who will bring about the destruction of vampire-kind. It is you.”

“Uh, do you know what this guy is talking about?”

Guillermo made a tsking noise. “Unfortunately, yes.”

The other twelve vamps pulled their hoods back, revealing long white hair and pale, nearly white skin. Their foreheads were ridged and their eyes glowed silver. Definitely not good news. The short guy raised his hand and spoke in unison with the other twelve. “Move with force and sight unseen, bind these men in might and mien.”

A strange and unpleasant tingle ran through Nathan’s body. Instinctively, he tried to move his hands first, then his feet, but he was paralyzed. “I can’t move.”

“Neither can I, amante.” Gui’s voice raised and his accent grew heavy as he addressed the freak show. “Brotherhood of Truth, why have you come to our home? I am a master vampire, and in that deserve your courtesy if not respect.”

“Guillermo of Tenochtitlan, you have taken this abomination as your lover. As such, we could not risk your warning him of our coming. He is Unrein.”

There was that word again. “What are they calling me?”

“Unclean, Nathaniel. They think you are the vampire equivalent of the Christian anti-Christ.”

Anti-Christ? “I’m what?”

“Nathaniel Greer is not the Unrein.”

The short vamp sneered. “His works have already begun. He and his child must die.”

“I feared this might happen,” Nathan heard Gui mumble.

“Feared this…”

Before Nathan could say more, Guillermo’s body began to glow, his eyes slipped to a silvery bronze and a deafening roar came from his lips. He stepped forward and the small man stepped back in surprise. “You have overstepped your authority.” Gui’s voice had dipped into a guttural growl. “Leave or die.”

“You…” The leader pointed a bony finger at Guillermo and licked his pasty lips. “You… you must let us complete our work! We have waited one thousand years for this moment. This time. Our time!”

“Is that a challenge, Wilhelm?”

Nathan tried to move again, but he was firmly held in place, naked with his legs spread. He watched Guillermo’s hands shift to claws, and though he couldn’t see his face any longer, he was certain his lover had completely vamped out as he menaced the “Brotherhood.” Their reaction was his greatest surprise. As Gui stalked closer, growling with fury, they turned tail and ran. Nathan’s arms dropped to his side, the magic apparently gone, as soon as they cleared the tree line.

“What the fuck was that about?” He’d been in real physical danger, granted not for the first time, but what pissed him off was Guillermo seemed to know all about it and hadn’t bothered to give him the cliff notes version.

Guillermo turned to Nathan, his eyes softening. “Alas,” he quipped, his voice still unnatural with his Beast. “I’m afraid I am in for a very long and unpleasant night.”

Nathan narrowed his gaze. “You bet your ass.”

Chapter 2

Four hours later, Nathan was still angry. Guillermo sighed. “What can I say to make this better between us? I do not want to argue any more, amante.”

“Don’t you even amante me.” Nathan, fully clothed much to Gui’s chagrin, paced the hardwood floor of the living room. “You are telling me that this group of albino vampires, The Brotherhood of the watchimicallit…”

“The Brotherhood of Truth.”

“Whatever! Have been hanging around for a thousand years because some Anglo-Saxon seer prophesized the birth of a vampire child bringing about the destruction of all vampires. And now that Anna is pregnant with my child these guys want to kill me and the baby, and you thought it was okay to not mention this because…” Nathan waved his hands in frustration.

“Because, Nathaniel…” Guillermo was starting to feel a little more than irritated, “…I was trying to protect you! I did not think they would find out this early. After all, you just found out a couple of days ago that the child was definitely yours. And I thought with the extra security of this house, you and Anna would be safe.”

Nathan’s eyes widened. “You bought this place to protect me! What? It didn’t occur to you I might not want to be a prisoner? I don’t like it! I don’t like it one bit. You lied to me.”

“I never lied.”

“A lie by omission is still a lie, Gui.”

“I did it because I love you.”

“Well…” Those words had the effect Gui hoped for, when Nathan continued with, “…maybe… but you still should have told me!”

“I was planning on telling you.”


“Is this a private party or can anyone join?” Tyrsgard Madds’ voice rumbled from the front door. The extremely tall, powerfully built, blond vampire peeked around the corner with Nadine, who was decked out in low hip-hugging black latex jeans, and a four-buckle matching latex corset, her long shocking red hair pulled back in a severe braid.

“Thank all that is wicked,” she sneered. “They have their clothes on.”

Tyr chuckled. “Yes, unusual.”

“No comments from the peanut gallery, thank you,” Nathan snapped.

Tyr’s brow dipped and his upper lip curled on the right. “Wow, bad mood.” The large vampire crossed to Nathan, dipped his head low and kissed his master’s shoulder where it joined with his neck.

Nathan shrugged him away.

“Really bad mood.”

“Unfortunately.” Guillermo sighed—he was doing that a lot. “Yes.”

“That’s an understatement,” Nathan murmured.

Strutting a circle around the huge living room, Nadine whistled. “Nice digs. So this is home, eh?”

Nathan smacked his palm against his forehead. “I can’t take it. I just can’t.”

Instantly furious, Nadine turned on Nathan. “What? You think I want to live with you?”

Things were going from bad to worse and Guillermo didn’t want the evening to disintegrate further. “Enough, chica!”

“Fine.” She folded her arms. “But I was having a nice slice of Viking before you paged.”

Tyr fought a grin while Nadine continued, “Besides, I thought you didn’t want Tyr and I to come over here until tomorrow.”

Guillermo cast her a warning look.

Too late.

Nathan stood, glaring at Gui. “You mean, she knew you’d bought the house already, and you didn’t tell me?” His voice was deceptively calm, but Guillermo knew better.

“I wanted to surprise you.” He shrugged. “Surprise.”

“So what’s the 411 on the 911 call, Gui?” Nadine adeptly changed the topic, for which Guillermo was grateful. He wished he could understand her though.

Hable inglés, chica.”

Nadine snorted. “You’re one to talk. What was so urgent that we had to get over here tonight?”

“Ah.” Guillermo nodded, then shook his head. “Apparently the Brotherhood of Truth has arrived.”

“The BOT? Those idiots heard about Anna getting knocked up already?”

Nathan’s eyes flew wide. “Oh, my God! I’m the last one to know anything.”

“They’re a bunch of old fanatics, boss,” Tyr said by way of explanation. “Even older than I am. If you’ve been around, it’s hard not to hear about them.”

Nadine started singing, “Get down with BOT, say you know me, who’s down with BOT…” Her words trailed off as she drew stares from all the men. “What? It’s not my fault. Tyr listens to all this hip-hop crap constantly and that stupid OPP song’s been running around in my head.” She firmly planted her fists on her hips. “Nathan, you were saying that everyone knew about the Brotherhood but you. Carry on.”

Nathan growled. Guillermo grimaced. Tyr grinned. And Nadine looked satisfied that her work here was done, as she held out her hand and stared at her fingernails with much enthusiasm.

Guillermo waved a hand. “Dawn is coming soon, and we must prepare. I do not believe they will underestimate me again.” They had to be organized. Guillermo wouldn’t survive if the Brotherhood succeeded in killing Nathan, and he knew Nathan would never recover if anything happened to Anna and the baby. “Tyr, call Anna and inform her she will need to move her belongings to the house in the morning.”

Tyr’s eyes narrowed as he looked over to Nathan. His master nodded, and Tyr swiped his smartphone screen and headed off toward the kitchen.

Chica, get the surveillance system running, and make certain there are no weak areas in the security of this house and the grounds.”

“Well, damn. I was hoping to check out the bedrooms and bathrooms to pick mine before…”

Guillermo snarled.

“Okay, I’m on it, boss man.” She pivoted on her six-inch heels ready to walk out of the living room, paused, turned back and added, “Where’s the security office?”

Sighing, Gui pointed to the French doors. “Just off to the right of the kitchen.”

“Got it. I’m on the job.” She skirted around Gui, stuck her tongue out at Nathan, and hastily made her exit.

Guillermo watched Nathan brood. If he hadn’t been brooding over something Gui had done, the look might have been charming. As it was, the whole thing was mostly uncomfortable. “Please, amante. Must you continue to be angry with me? I had really hoped the house and security would be mere cautionary measures. I really didn’t think…”

Nathan kept his back to Guillermo, stoically ignoring him. Madre Dios! Talking to the man was not working. Gui tried another tactic. He swooped behind Nathan, wrapped his arms around his lover’s waist, and dipped his hand down the front of his pants, before he could protest.

As his cock swelled against Gui’s palm, Nathan sighed. “This is so not fair.” Nathan reached down to remove Gui’s hand, but the hand didn’t budge from its position. “Stop. I’m still mad.”

“Mmm, hot, angry sex.”

“You’ve got the angry part right.”

Guillermo slid his thumb over the head of Nathan’s cock, which twitched in response. “Hazme el amor. Make love to me.”

“No,” Nathan said, but his voice had lost all protest.

“Then fuck me,” Guillermo growled.

Nathan whipped around in his arms, and yelped as he broke from Gui’s strong grip on his shaft, but quickly recovered to place a fierce kiss on the master vampire’s lips. “Oh, you are so gonna be fucked.”

Clothing hit the ground at record speed. Both vampires stared hungrily at each other for a second before closing the gap. Success! Guillermo’s mind rang out as Nathan pulled him close enough they could share the same skin. Nathan’s hand grabbed a handful of Gui’s ass and squeezed, nearly harder than Guillermo liked it. Nearly.

Lacing his fingers in Nathan’s shaggy brown hair, Guillermo plunged his tongue between Nathan’s lips, his cock painfully swollen and mashed against his lover’s rock hard abs. A tinge of blood filled his mouth, and he couldn’t tell whether it came from himself or Nathan. The mixture of saliva and blood fueled his already flaming desire.

“Oh, dear sweet mercy!” Nadine’s voice screeched. “I’m going blind!”

Tyr came running into the room. He came to a sudden halt, looked around and chuckled. “Oh.”

Guillermo groaned inwardly as he separated from Nathan. “Things were going too well.”

Wiggling his eyebrows, Tyr smiled. “Looks like they still are.”

Nadine smacked his arm. “Stop encouraging them.”

Crossing his arms, the large Viking grinned. “I think we should join them.”

Nathan and Nadine both said simultaneously, “Oh hell no!” which sent both their eyes wide like deer caught in the headlights.

“We definitely need some privacy.” Nathan grabbed Guillermo by the arm and dragged him from the living room into the foyer. “Let’s see how big this place really is.”

Guillermo could hear Nadine “ewww” and Tyr chuckle, as he bounded up the staircase after Nathan.

Chapter 3

Nathan stood in a field flooded in sunlight. The warmth from the rays beat down on his skin. The heat nearly made him feel mortal again. It had been too long since he’d walked in the sun. While it was true vampires probably didn’t burst into flame in sunlight, it was hard to prove, considering their bodies became corpses, soulless and empty, during the daytime. But not this day. A small girl with cinnamon brown hair, sparkling green eyes, and dressed in a frilly garment, ran to him and threw her arms around his waist. “Papa, where have you been?”

A jolt of electricity ran through Nathan and he sat up, cold and sweating. He’d been dreaming. Wait a minute, dreaming is impossible. Right? He hadn’t had a dream in almost four years. Not since becoming undead. He reached over and felt for Guillermo.

His lover lay cold in the bed. Nathan looked around the master suite Guillermo had already furnished for them. The bed was grand, a California king mahogany sleigh bed. An armchair with a matching finish, along with three dressers, completed the furniture. A nice forgery of Rembrandt’s The Storm on the Sea of Galilee was centered on the far wall between two of them. At least Nathan hoped it was a fake. The real one had been stolen from a Boston museum in the early 90s. He shuddered. Better not to think about it.

Beyond the drawn curtain, a sliver of light showed. Not much, but enough that Nathan knew something was really wrong. He checked his watch. Three p.m. It was still daytime. He stood, slid on his boxers, and padded down the hallway to the second floor. The third door on the right was slightly cracked. He peeked in. Tyr and Nadine lay locked together, naked and dead. Gross.

Closing the door behind him, he went to the main floor. He could hear humming coming from the kitchen. Moving swiftly and silently, he traveled the foyer, living room, dining room, and into the kitchen within a couple of seconds. Anna turned from the sink and shrieked in surprise, dropping a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream on the ground.

“You scared me!” She reached down to pick up the fallen food, but had trouble maneuvering over her already very large belly. “A little help here?”

“Sorry. I heard humming and I thought you might be an intruder.” He grabbed a towel from the counter and cleared the melting mess and broken glass.

“Oh, good logic. An intruder would be hanging out in the kitchen humming. Maybe got a little hungry trying to steal… Oh, I don’t know… nothing. This place is completely empty and security is tighter than my… never mind.” She began to cry.

“I’m sorry, Anna.” He felt a little desperate watching her wracked with sobs. He pulled her as close as her stomach would allow and squeezed. She wiped a bit of snot and slobber onto his chest, then pushed away from the hug.

“I’m fine. Honest. I think it’s hormones.”

“You’re probably right.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she snapped.

Oh, dear God, I can’t live with two really bitchy women. “I was just agreeing with you, honest. I don’t think you’re hormonal. I just don’t know the right thing to say.”

“I’m sorry, Nathan.” Her face softened, her lower lip began to quiver, and tears filled up her eyes. “It’s just that I’m fat. I’m fat and I’m ugly. Nobody wants to hang out with someone who is fat and ugly. Right?”

“You are not fat and ugly. You are beautiful.” Although he was worried that she’d gained more weight than she should have at five months. As it was, she looked more like she was going into her seventh month. “I’ll hang out with you.”

Her face changed again, this time to calm and pleasant. “Thanks, Nate. You always know just what to say.” Then as an afterthought, she added, “Speaking of hanging out, isn’t it a little early in the day for you vampire types to be up and about?”

“Yeah, really weird, huh? I just… woke up.” To a lunatic running around in the kitchen.

“Hey!” She slapped him. “I heard that!” Shocked, she tucked her chin back. “Hey… I heard that. Oh wow, Nathan, I heard your thoughts. What do you suppose that means?”

Anna Murphy had been born an intuitive psychic. She had the ability to read strong thoughts, emotions and patterns. When they had dated in college, it used to kill Nathan that she could always read him, but since he’d become a vampire, she’d lost that power over him. So, why now?

“I don’t know.” She shook her head. “I’m just as confused as you are.”

Nathan stared at her as if she’d grown an extra head. “Stop that. So, did Tyr fill you in on what’s going on?”

“Yeah, he said some nutty-bangers want us dead, pretty much. I’ve asked for an early maternity leave, and the hospital granted it. I think the guys in the morgue found it unnerving to be around me anyways. Not that I could blame them. Freaking hormones.”

Nathan didn’t agree this time, he just moved on in the conversation. “These guys are serious, Anna. You have to stay in the house until we get the situation resolved.”

“I’m not a child, Nathan. Do you really think I want to put our baby in danger?” She had already begun fixing another bowl of ice cream. The sweet smell of vanilla and chocolate nearly melted Nathan to a puddle. It was like all of a sudden he was craving ice cream?

“Okay. I think I’ll go back to bed now and let you eat.”

He ran up the stairs. And crashed into Tyr on the second floor.

“What are you…”

“I’m hungry, Master.” His ice blue eyes looked gaunt, haunted, as he pushed past Nathan.

Reaching out, Nathan put his hand on Tyr’s back. The flood of pure hunger and craving sent him staggering backward. “Tyr.”

The blond vampire didn’t stop his descent. “I’m hungry.”

“Tyr!” he yelled as the Viking headed for the kitchen. “Oh, shit. Anna.” Nathan took off after him, tackling all seven feet of him, dragging him to the ground in the dining room. If Tyr had been in his right mind, he could have easily dodged Nathan, or at least gotten away from him. Instead it was like a scene from the Night of the Living Dead. Tyr was using his hands to crawl toward the kitchen, bloodlust, hunger filling his entire body, while Nathan did his best to hold him in place.

Anna walked in on the scene and dropped another bowl of ice cream. Nathan wasn’t sure how it must have looked, Tyr naked on his stomach clawing the floor, and Nathan, in his boxers, pinning him down.

Tyr’s head snapped up. “Hungry.” Nathan could feel the change taking place within the Viking. He was vamping out and his target was Anna.

Nathan adjusted his grip on Tyr. It was getting harder and harder to keep him from moving forward. “Anna, back out, slowly. Lock the doors behind you.”

He could smell the terror rise up in her, and it tasted wonderful. I want to feed upon her fear, the Beast whispered in his mind. No, Nathan countered. It was Tyr’s hunger he was feeling, not his own, and Nathan pushed the Beast back. “Now.”

Anna nodded mutely and backed out of the room, closing the doors after her. He could hear her running footsteps growing more distant. Tyr’s clawing become more insistent as his nails wore ridges into the hardwood floor.

Nathan gathered his will, and did something he’d promised Tyr he would never do. “Tyr. I am your master. Stop this instant. Obey me.”

The large muscled body beneath him stilled.

“Ignore your hunger.”

The Viking’s consciousness settled to a calm. Cautiously, Nathan crawled off Tyr and helped his servant to sit up. The blond blinked once, then twice. “Boss?”

“Yes. I’m here.” He smoothed aside a long strand of hair from Tyr’s cheek and ran his thumb down the scar through the Viking’s lower lip. “Are you okay?”

“How did I get here?” Tyr shivered and Nathan could sense the doubt and confusion in his mind.

“You woke early. And a bit hungry.”


“Yes, it’s nearly four now, but it’s still full daylight outside.”


“I wish I knew.” Nathan’s hand trailed to the scar over Tyr’s heart. His servant’s hunger had brought Nathan’s own to the surface, and he fought for control.

Tyr, even while sitting, towered over Nathan. He leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on Nathan’s lips. His tongue slid inside the crack and slipped along Nathan’s front teeth.

The sensation brought a low moan to his throat as Nathan pulled away. “No, this isn’t right.”

“I feel your desire, Master.”

“We can’t. You have Nadine. I have Guillermo. Neither of them could forgive us.”

“Why do you deny me?” A choke of sorrow filled his voice. “I need you.”

While it was true that Tyrsgard Madds couldn’t survive without Nathan, the sword cut both ways. If anything happened to Tyr, it could kill Nathan. The ancient blood ritual which had bonded Tyr to his previous master, and subsequently to Nathan, made certain there was no room for betrayal. The bond, though manufactured, was stronger than Nathan felt with anyone, even Gui, or his mother for that matter. He shared Tyr’s emotions, memories, even physical sensations. They’d only had sex the one time, when he and Guillermo had shared a night of healing. It had been the most powerful experience of Nathan’s life. It hadn’t been about the sex, though that part had been fantastic. The night had been about acceptance and forgiveness.

Looking at Tyr now, Nathan found it hard to refute how much he wanted him. A memory flashed through his head of being pressed between his legs, his cock sliding in and out of Tyr. He saw himself, face slack with ecstasy as he stared down at Tyr, really seeing him. He realized it was Tyr’s memory he envisioned. The memory turned, and he was seeing Nadine’s eyes staring into a mirror as she mounted Tyr from behind, the soft silicone dildo penetrating him deep and hard. He was a novelty for her, someone to dominate. In Tyr’s mind, she didn’t really see him. Not like Nathan had.

“Don’t.” Nathan withdrew his touch from Tyr. “I don’t want to see any more.”

“Can’t you see? Nadine is fun. I like her a lot. But I really miss the way you made me feel. Like a whole person. I want that again.”

Nathan understood. Tyr had been basically tortured for almost one hundred years by his previous master, treated as an object, not real. He could see why the large vampire would feel Nadine treated him similarly. She wasn’t the warmest or most caring person to be around. He couldn’t believe Min could have ever been so cruel to Tyr, not while bonded to him in such an intimate way. When Nathan was near him, he felt compassion, affection, and—even if he wasn’t willing to verbalize it—lust.

It wasn’t fair to say that he felt the same about Tyr as he did Gui, but it was definitely a type of love. With Guillermo, he was charged with desire and longing, while Tyr appealed to his baser self, his Beast. The problem was Tyrsgard Madds was bonded to him in such a way that he could deny Nathan nothing, even if he wanted. When given a command, he had to obey, without question or second thought. Nathan had promised to never force his will upon Tyr, to allow the Viking choices, and he’d reneged on the promise today.

Tyr trembled as he lifted a hand and placed it on Nathan’s thigh. A surge of electric warmth bubbled under the touch and Nathan realized his cock had gone rock hard. “Tyr. We… I don’t know if this is you or me. And I can’t… won’t take advantage of you.” Plus, Guillermo would kill him. They’d already agreed there would be no one on one with another lover.

“I won’t deny that part of this might be what I’m feeling from you.” Tyr leaned forward on his knees and dipped his head low, brushing his lips on Nathan’s thigh. “But can you not sense I need it as well?”

The lustful desperation to be taken poured from Tyr through his touch and Nathan felt frozen to stop him as his tongue trailed a glistening line up his leg, his large hands pushing at the boxer shorts until his mouth rested over the artery where Nathan’s thigh met his pubis. His sharp teeth nipped the skin, but not hard enough to bring blood. Long blond hair spilled over onto his lap as Tyr reached his hands into the leg opening and caressed Nathan’s testicles, then shifted his cock out from under the soft cotton material.

I want to see him take our cock in his mouth, the Beast rumbled. Nathan smoothed back Tyr’s hair and watched as the Viking’s mouth hovered a mere inch over the head, his breath tickling his sensitive skin. Tyr’s eyes watered as he stared at Nathan, waiting for the approval he feared would never come.

Helpless to speak, Nathan nodded. His eyes wanted to close as his shaft slid into Tyr’s mouth, but his Beast forced him to keep them open. Teeth scraped gently down his cock, then Tyr flattened his tongue and wrapped it as far around the shaft as it would go, sucking and milking Nathan.

“Oh, God,” Nathan rasped. He grasped Tyr’s hair, wrapping the silky tresses around his fingers, and pushed. Tyr’s mouth slid forcefully to the bottom of his cock, the head pressing past the tonsils to the back of the throat. “Yes,” his Beast rumbled, finding Nathan’s voice.

Tyr reacted physically to the voice, forcing Nathan’s cock even farther back into his throat until he could stick his tongue down and lick the line between Nathan’s balls.

Nathan’s other hand came up and grabbed another handful of hair, holding the Viking down hard for a second, then pulling his head up and back down again on his shaft. Between his Beast and Tyr’s emotions, Nathan couldn’t think, didn’t want to think, only feel. Right or wrong, he meant to have him.

He yanked Tyr’s mouth off him and flipped him to his back and couldn’t help but be pleased at the sight of the ginormous erection pressing hard on the Mr. Universe abs.

Tyr’s body hummed as he wondered what Nathan would do next. An oddly strange sense of euphoria washed over him as his master crawled onto him and straddled his waist, the head of Tyr’s cock pressed tight between his abdomen and Nathan’s sac. Shoulder length brown hair brushed his shoulders as the other man bent over and kissed his neck, before pressing the full length of his body onto Tyr.

“Sometimes I feel like I could crawl right into your skin,” Nathan told him as his lips found Tyr’s.

Tyr wanted to explain that the ancient bond was responsible for the feeling, but he was afraid if he mentioned it, Nathan would stop. And he didn’t want him to stop. As strong, firm hands explored his scars and muscles, Tyr could sense the moral dilemma his master struggled with already, and his attention was only being held by a fragile thread of lust and need.

Fingertips brushed across the tip of his cock, smearing the slick of pre-cum. Nathan placed his forefinger into his mouth. “Mmm,” Nathan hummed, then slipped the tip between Tyr’s lips. The combination of saliva and his own secretions heated his appetite as his hips shoved upward to grind his cock between his master’s legs.

Nips and bites flitted along his throat, chest, abdomen, as Nathan worked his way down to Tyr’s erection. He froze, afraid to move, afraid not to move. Air whooshed from him when his cock entered the cool wet mouth. Strong fingers curled around his sac, tugging as Nathan’s lips slid down as far as his throat would allow. Because Tyr was so large, his master gripped the base of his shaft, fisting lower strokes while sucking and licking the upper half.

A throaty hum of delight escaped from Tyr, spurring Nathan to greater ferocity in his oral attack on the rigid cock. His hand went to his young master’s head, as his cock stiffened and his balls pulled in tight against his body. The pressure in his pelvis mounted. “Ah! Ah!” he grunted as his hips thrust forward, jerking, bottoming his cock against the back of Nathan’s throat, coming as Nathan swallowed him.

When the orgasm subsided, Nathan lifted his mouth from Tyr’s already softening cock. His eyes were glowing with his Beast. “I’m going to fuck you.”

Then everything went black.