A Vampire Forsaken

Kansas City Vampires Book 2

G.R. George


Doom of the Lord was law o’er the deeds

of every man, as it is to-day.


Doom, Tyr Madds thought. How appropriate.

Min, the Egyptian master vampire, covered Guillermo, reaching into his chest to tear his heart out by the roots. Tyr swung his sword, lopping off the head of the nearest foe. He hated his master, but knew the value of loyalty, and looking upon Guillermo Perez with nearly as much hatred, he felt the pain of betrayal.

Tyr had been in Min’s service since his conversion in 1306. Seven hundred years as a plaything to a powerful vampire could make any man’s brain go soft, but it had only served to harden him. Caught up in the fight with four vampires, he failed to notice when the youngling, his throat bloody and raw, plunged the splintered chair leg into his master’s back, forcing Min’s heart out the front of his chest.

Tyr nearly dropped his sword when the connection to his master snapped. “Kullervo’s curse,” he swore and awaited final death to take him. When it didn’t, he kissed his exquisitely wrought gold ring and said a word of thanks to Odin. He was free. After all these centuries, Tyr was free.

The jubilance dissolved to near despair as the compulsive need to protect, serve, and unquestioningly obey drew him toward Guillermo and his… youngling?

Guillermo barked the order to chop off Min’s head. Tyr gladly volunteered. “I will do it.” Even in death, Min was making his life miserable.

He swung his jeweled sword in a precise sweep, cleanly severing Min’s head. Black blood oozed from his master’s neck, sickening him. Tyr gestured to his guards, who quickly sprang forward to dispose of the body. Looking upon his new master, he wondered if the youngling was up to the task.

Chapter 1

Dr. Nathan Greer woke up to a candlelit bedroom in Guillermo Perez’s private quarters at the back of Corazon de la Muerte, a nightclub owned by the Hispanic master vampire. Nathan gripped his semi-erect cock with one hand, and reached across the bed with his other arm, feeling for Gui.

Empty? He lolled his head to the left and peered from sleep-squinty eyes. Where the hell is Guillermo?

They’d gotten into an argument just before daybreak about whether Nathan was ready to go back to work. Nathan, of course, voted on the side of working. His throat had healed over the past couple of weeks since the incident with Min, but Guillermo insisted Nathan allow more time. If truth be told, Nathan loved spending night after night with the master vampire. Gui made him feel vital, and after three years and some change of being undead, he relished every moment. But even vampires needed to make a living.

Just thinking about the Gui made Nathan’s cock fully hard. Guillermo had taught him that sex was nearly as important as blood for a vampire. It was a lesson Nathan had learned almost too late. His Beast had threatened to take over, to do what was necessary to survive.

Leaning back onto the plush pillow, Nathan closed his eyes, drawing his fingers over the tight smooth skin of his cock. A tingle of electricity ran through his hand and up his arms. He’d always been prone to static problems, but since becoming a vampire, the electric currents had become stronger when aroused, which lately was always. The charge had become strong enough to start Guillermo’s heart when Nathan would orgasm, and Nathan wondered if he’d have the same effect on other vampires.

Or is it just Guillermo?

An image of the master vampire, head thrown back, mouth slack with pure pleasure, fine beads of moisture dampening his forehead, made Nathan both hungry and horny. Where the hell is Gui?

His cock throbbed, aching to be touched. Ah well, as the song goes, if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.

Nathan smiled at the thought. He hadn’t masturbated since hooking up with Gui. Reaching into the bedside stand, Nathan grabbed a bottle of ylang ylang and sandalwood scented oil. The scent alone—masculine and erotic—made Nathan sigh with longing. Pouring a generous amount onto his palm, he closed his eyes and slicked the oil from the crown of his cock to the base. Music sounded briefly as the door opened and closed.

Guillermo. It was about time. Nathan kept his eyes closed, stroking his cock in firm smooth movements, waiting for his lover to join him in bed. With his eyes closed, there was a heightened sense of danger, adventure even. The padding of soft footfalls came toward him.

Eagerness and anticipation filled Nathan, sending a tingling ripple along the skin of his abdomen. A whisper of hair trailed against his thigh. Nathan reached to caress his lover’s face as cool lips wrapped around the head of his cock.

What the hell? His eyes flew open.

Kneeling next to the bed was not Guillermo, but a large man with long blond hair. Nathan, fully alert now, could feel fangs sliding against both sides of his shaft as the vampire took his cock deep within his mouth.

“Who are you?” Nathan growled, holding very still. He feared getting his dick bitten off if he tried to jerk away.

The blond vampire slid his tongue along the large vein on the underside of the shaft before removing his lips from Nathan’s cock. “Tyr.”

“What?” Nathan, with his cock now free, took the opportunity to scoot out of reach.

The blond vampire’s eyes were wide and the color of icy water, a clear bright blue, which complemented the true-blue tuxedo shirt he wore like a second skin. A thin scar ran through his lower lip and his nose had a slight hump from being broken at one time or another before he had been turned. The one thing that really struck Nathan though was the look of sheer determination.

“You asked who I am. My name is Tyr Madds. By vampiric law, I am yours to command.”

“What are you talking about?” If Nathan had a vampire to command, it was news to him. The guy looked familiar. Nathan had seen him before somewhere. “Do I know you?” He caught a glint of a jeweled sword hilt at the man’s side. That’s when it hit him. This was the large blond vampire who worked for Min, the one who looked like—”Thor.”

“The God of Thunder?” Tyr shook his head. “I stopped praying to that bastard a long time ago.”

“No, that’s not what I meant. You were part of Min’s entourage, right? The one who chopped off his head after he died.”

“You mean the one who chopped off his head after you killed him.”

Slowly, it began to dawn on Nathan. “Oh.” Nathan stood cautiously from the bed. “I’ll get dressed now, if you don’t mind.”

Tyr said nothing.

“Let me see if I understand this,” Nathan said, tugging on a pair of jeans. “I killed Min, so, someway or another, that makes you mine to boss around?”

“Yes.” There was no humor in that one little word, only simple stoicism with a hard edge.


“No bullshit. I was Min’s second, his master of the guard. And now, by law, I am yours.”

Nathan detected dour edges of bitterness in Tyr. “Well, I release you. Go, be free, and all that happy shit.” He pulled a soft, green t-shirt over his head.

“Min was an ancient vampire, nearly three thousand years old. He practiced the gamle måter, old ways, no longer known to the newer breeds. He bound me to him physically and mentally when he made me. When you killed my master, the bond was transferred to you, whether I like it or not.”

Tyr’s neck bent forward in a short bow, and his long hair brushed the floor. The vision of this large muscled man submitting himself to Nathan stirred a fire of excitement in the doctor… and shame. No one should live as a slave. Undead or human. “Stand up, Tyr.”

Tyr complied, standing to his full height which Nathan guessed had to be nearly seven feet. He wore tailored black slacks, no doubt specially made for a man his height. Jesus Christ, he’s a freaking giant.

A fleeting grimace of pain showed on Tyr’s face.

“Are you okay?”

“I need to feed.”

“Well, then by all means, go out and feed.”

“I need to feed from you.”

“Oh, hell no. I’m not anyone’s lunch, let alone a giant Viking.”

Nathan couldn’t believe what happened next. Tyr came toward him in one long stride, dropped to his knees in front of Nathan and rubbed his face against the front seam of Nathan’s jeans.

“Please, Master.” He bit the words through gritted teeth. “I have not fed for weeks. This is worse than death. Either feed me or take my heart and head.”

“Weeks? Why?” Nathan didn’t understand, but he knew the agonizing pain of going the day without blood. He couldn’t even imagine how bad it must be to go without for as long as Tyr.

Blodkausjon. Blood bond. I should have died when Min died. The bond should not have been transferred, but it was. He made me his servant in every way. I cannot survive without my master’s blood. None other will quench my eternal thirst. I won’t die, but I will waste away to nothing in the pain that never ends. I should have died, but I didn’t.”

Tyr’s words overwhelmed Nathan. Blood bond? He’d never heard of it. “Are there others? Like you I mean, who needed Min’s blood?”

“No, only me. He wanted to make sure that I would remain faithful and loyal to him and only him. There have been others in the past, but all are long dead, except for me. Each death of those he bound weakened his powers, so he stopped performing the ritual.”

Tyr pressed his face once again across Nathan’s groin, causing his cock to involuntarily stir. Even if Nathan didn’t quite believe the blond vampire, he couldn’t deny that Tyr believed. “Okay.” Nathan took a step backwards. “I get that you need my blood, but what’s with the impromptu blowjob?”

“I know you like men.”

“Uh, point of fact. I’m mostly into women.” Though, looking at the way Tyr’s black slacks hugged every curving muscle, Nathan’s erect cock told a whole ’nother story. “And what does my liking or not liking men have to do with anything?”

“Min preferred the company of men. Exclusively. He required certain acts of me before I was allowed to feed.” A hint of shame crept into his voice. “Please, Master,” he repeated. “I need…”

Nathan not only heard the shame, but also felt the emotion as it rolled off Tyr in waves—desperation coloring his crystal-blue eyes.

“Don’t. It’s all right.” All right? I must be insane! He’d never let any vampire feed from him, not even Guillermo. But he could offer Tyr the same thing that Gui had given him. Hope. Nathan held his wrist out to Tyr. “Drink.”

Tyr looked uncertain at first, but Nathan watched as his eyes took on a white glow and Tyr’s fangs protracted to full length. Nathan could feel the slight pain of his own eyes when they slipped from human to Beast while Tyr sunk his teeth into Nathan’s wrist. His Beast gave a shout of triumph. The small sucking noises emitting from Tyr affected Nathan like an aphrodisiac. His cock threatened to burst from his pants. The effect of feeding Tyr buckled Nathan’s legs, bringing him to his knees in front of the large vampire.

His breath came hard and fast—his Beast urging him to give and take. No, Nathan told the Beast. He’s already had so much taken away from him. No more.

The Beast growled his dissent, but backed off. Nathan was finding it difficult to fight the desire, especially when Tyr’s large fingers worked the buttons on his pants, freeing his cock. Nathan’s breath caught for a moment. He struggled not to react to the pressure of the Viking’s hand on his flesh. He reached with his free hand to stop Tyr. “No. Don’t.”

But Tyr didn’t stop. He stroked Nathan’s already oiled cock in rhythm with his sucking and the two actions connected. He could feel the sting and rush of blood both in his wrist and his cock. As Tyr drank from him, Nathan began to realize he could feel everything the blond vampire was feeling—lust and hunger.

“We are joined, aren’t we?” Nathan didn’t expect an answer, and he didn’t get one, except in the form of firmer strokes. He could almost understand why Min required the blowjob; the connection was intensely pleasurable. Nathan’s balls pulled tight as blood rushed to his cock, verging on orgasm. His fists clenched and his toes curled as he fought to maintain control.

“Enough,” Nathan murmured, more as a plea than a command. Tyr’s grip tightened on both his wrist and cock. He could feel himself weakening with blood loss and he began to panic. How long have I let him feed? “Enough, Tyr.”

But the blond vampire either couldn’t hear him or wouldn’t. Nathan did the only thing he could—he reached for the Beast. Power rushed through him as he allowed his inner demon to gain control. Nathan’s world became cloudy then crystal clear as his eyes dilated. His fangs slid forward over human incisors. His fingernails extended to claws as the Beast surged through him.

“You will obey me.” Nathan’s voice sounded hollow, foreign… inhuman. He stood, grabbing Tyr’s hair with one hand and yanked the Viking from his wrist, tearing the flesh as blood spilled onto the floor. The Beast brought Nathan’s wrist to his mouth and licked the wound. Instantly, it began to heal.

Tyr didn’t struggle or try to resist. He seemed dazed, drunk even. “Yes, Master.”

The Viking’s broad shoulders and wide chest flexed with tension, stretching the fabric of his shirt. The Beast wanted Tyr naked. We shouldn’t be doing this. Nathan felt helpless in his fight against the longing and lustful desires of his vampire. “Take off your clothes.”

Tyr unbuttoned his shirt—his pale chest sprinkled with wispy blond hair over Herculean pecs. The Viking made quick work of his slacks. The muscles of his thighs, cut in hard edges, were impressive, but not nearly as impressive as his massive cock. The Beast approved and Nathan couldn’t help but second the motion.

Tyr stood before Nathan, naked and vulnerable. He spoke, his voice soft, but masculine. “What would you have of me?”

Nathan’s Beast wanted to dominate Tyr, to make the Viking submit completely. We can’t. Not like this, Nathan pleaded with the Beast. It’s too much like rape. He can’t say no to us. He knew his demon could have his way whether Nathan liked it or not, but Nathan was relying on the uneasy agreement between them. Finally, the Beast growled his dissent, but agreed not to take the man without full consent. “Do you enjoy men?”


Tyr Madds wiped at his mouth. Nathan Greer’s blood made him feel intoxicated and powerful. He’d willingly take his clothes off, or anything else Nathan required, to drink from him again. With Min, there had been power in the blood, but nothing like what coursed through his veins after feeding from Nathan.

Do you like men, his new master had asked. Tyr had not been allowed to touch anyone other than Min for the last one hundred years, man or woman. It had been his punishment, and with that punishment, he was never allowed to receive pleasure, only give. Why did Nathan care whether he liked men or not?

In his youth, Tyr had enjoyed the company of women, but they were docile creatures, barely participants. When Min turned him, Tyr had just reached his twenty-second year, and he discovered men held such passion and adventure in bed. So, to the question, did he enjoy men, the answer was…

“Yes, I do.” His gaze traveled from Nathan’s iron erection, which stood boldly from the opening V of his jeans, up his chest, past extended canines, to the glowing green eyes. Was this one more humiliation to endure? Would his new master be as cruel as Min?

Nathan’s blood had supercharged his senses, and standing naked before the young vampire, millions of nerves fired all at once in Tyr’s cock. He waited in anticipation of his master’s next command. Nathan cupped Tyr’s chin and turned his face from side to side, as if gauging his worth. The Viking held his composure, like a stallion being sold at auction, and he half-expected Nathan to check his mouth for missing or bad teeth.

Inside, the large man was shaking, nervous with energy and arousal. His hard cock pulsed, heavy with need. Tyr stood at least a full foot taller than Nathan did, but even with the difference in size, he definitely felt the younger vampire’s dominance. His lips trembled as Nathan traced a path, dragging his fingertips along Tyr’s jaw, down his neck. Nathan’s palm made contact with Tyr’s chest and lingered in caresses over his pecs. Tyr noticed how pale Nathan’s hand appeared.

I took too much blood from him. He hasn’t fed this morning.

Tyr’s remorse disappeared when he felt a strong pinch of a forefinger and thumb around his nipple. The sharp but wonderful pain drove him back to his knees. He whimpered audibly when Nathan completely broke touch with him.

Nathan sidestepped Tyr’s reaching hand and walked around the kneeling vampire to the bed, leaving his clothes in a trail on the floor behind him. The young vampire sat on the edge of the mattress and spread his legs.

“Come.” Nathan growled the command.

Even if he had wanted to, Tyr could not fight the compulsion. He crawled across the plushly carpeted floor. When he reached Nathan, Tyr knelt between his legs, his desire surging and rising, taking flight like Odin’s sacred bird. A lump filled his throat. “What would you have of me, Master?”

“Apparently, whatever I want.”

Tyr lowered his eyes. “And what is it you want?”

In this position, Nathan on the bed and Tyr kneeling in front of him, their heads were nearly at the same height. Nathan cupped Tyr’s face with his hands and pulled the large vampire into a kiss. Tyr’s cock ached as Nathan’s tongue slid through the parting of his lips, snaking into his mouth.

Yes. Yes. Tyr sighed into Nathan’s embrace. He had not been kissed or held in so long. The contact with another being gave him strength, encouraging him to dare to take more. He lunged forward, carrying Nathan and himself further up onto the bed. Positioning himself over the young vampire’s body, he straddled Nathan, his cock pressing against his master’s firm pale flesh.

Nathan’s hands reached down between them, fingernails grazing Tyr’s chest until his fingers wrapped around Tyr’s rigid shaft.

Tyr closed his eyes and moaned into Nathan’s mouth. “Yes,” he said aloud this time. “Yes.”


The Beast enjoyed the passivity of Tyr, but more than that, he enjoyed the feel of the large vampire covering him. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Nathan took pleasure in the sensation as well. Inside, something demanded that Nathan take this vampire and make him completely his own and nobody else’s. His fingers traced a white scar that marred the left side of the Viking’s chest down to his navel, before taking hold of Tyr’s cock. He swiped his thumb across the bulbous head, smearing pre-cum across the tip. “Where did you get the scars?”

“I was a warrior.”

Nathan began to stroke Tyr’s lengthy shaft, bulging and veined. “Okay, but what about the one on your chest. It looks like a mortal wound. How did you survive?”

“This?” He placed a trembling hand over the jagged tissue. “This is where Min took a piece of my heart for the bonding.” Tyr pushed his pelvis forward into Nathan’s hand as he dug into the hard, white flesh of the scar with a finger. “He bit my neck while he scooped out a piece of my heart with his fingers, then bade me to drink his blood while he ate the small piece.”

“He ate it?” Even the Beast shuddered at the image. “That’s how he bonded you?”

Tyr inclined his head, his long hair falling over his shoulders onto Nathan’s chest. “There were words I did not understand, but mostly, yes.”

Nathan varied his stroke, taking time to fondle Tyr’s sac. “You’re very impressive.”

The Viking’s eyes half closed and his mouth relaxed as he licked his lips. The desire that rolled from Tyr was palpable, thick and heady. Nathan moved his hand behind Tyr’s testicles, teasing a fingertip over the large man’s anus. Tyr’s cock jerked in response. Oh yes, the Beast thought, I am going to fuck that ass.

The door slammed open to the room.

Capullo! Asshole.”

“Shit.” In Guillermo’s presence, the Beast made a hasty retreat, leaving Nathan to fend for himself.

Gui stood in the doorway not looking very happy at all. Nathan let go of Tyr’s cock and pushed the Viking off him. Tyr rolled to his back with a groan.

“What is this, Nathaniel? What’s going on here?”

Oh hell, if Gui was calling him Nathaniel, not amante, Nathan knew he was in trouble. “Uh, Gui, this… um, this is Tyr.” He gestured to the Viking who was lounging next to him on the bed.

“I know who he is.” He shot Tyr a look of pure hatred. “Anda la puta que te pari.”

“You go back to your whore mother, Gui.”

Yo le mataré. I should just kill you, cabrón.” Guillermo clenched his fists, his whole body tightening like a spring. Nathan had never seen him this pissed off. The two men obviously knew each other, and there was no love lost between them.

“Calm down, Gui.”

“Silence, Nathaniel. There is only one man who I hate nearly as much as Min, and Tyrsgard Madds is that man.” He stalked toward the bed. “I want you out of my bedroom and out of my business. Ahora!” Gui roared.

Tyr rubbed his hand over his chin, then moved it to his cock, lying hard on his abdomen. “Suck my dick, Perez. Oh, I forgot, you’ve done that already.”

Gui’s eyes flew wide, the color of his irises turning impossibly dark. Okay, this is not going so well. Nathan stood up and walked quickly to Guillermo, blocking the way to Tyr.

“Tyr, you better just go,” Nathan said, his eyes set on Gui.

Tyr got up slowly and dressed. He buckled his sword on last and then walked to the door. “I will go, Master. For now. But, as you already know, I will need you again, and soon.” He handed a piece of paper to Nathan. “Here’s my cell phone number. Call me.” He bowed to Nathan, leaving the two lovers alone.

Emotions roiled from Guillermo and Nathan could feel every bit of it, the hurt, the anger, and the—jealousy? Gui was actually jealous. No fucking way!

Nathan remembered how he’d felt when he walked in on Chachi sucking Gui’s dick. He’d definitely been unhappy and jealous, but he didn’t think Guillermo capable of those kinds of feelings. The master vampire never lost his self-control. A renewed hunger filled Nathan. Blood and lust, the two went hand in hand, and Nathan determined to get his fill of both.

“Why did Tyrsgard Madds call you master?” Gui’s voice was tight with anger.

Nathan lunged for Guillermo, taking his lover’s surprised face between his hands and capturing Gui’s lower lip between his teeth.

Guillermo turned his head. “What are you doing, Nathaniel? I’m not…”

Nathan pushed Gui against the wall. “Shut up and fuck me.”

Guillermo’s eyes sparkled like polished black obsidian. The muscle in his right cheek twitched as his jaw tightened. “You must feed. Your body is weak.”

Nathan smiled. “Only you can give me what I need right now.” He slid his hands down the front of Gui’s shirt, popping buttons along the way. Nathan leaned his face forward to kiss the master vampire, but Gui turned his head, offering his neck.

“You may feed.”

Nathan narrowed his eyes. Is he serious? “Forget it.”

He pushed away from Guillermo and started gathering his clothes from the floor. “If I have to have cold blood, I might as well go home and get it from my freezer.”

* * * *

Guillermo, even in his anger, couldn’t help but admire Nathan’s muscular physique as the young vampire stomped around the room, picking up his clothes and mumbling. Gui heard him say, “Oh sure, you can have any Tom, Dick or Chachi, and I’m supposed to be just fine and dandy with it, but one guy shows up in my bed and…”

Guillermo couldn’t take it anymore. His bed? The master vampire would not have been happy finding any man in bed with Nathan, but Tyr? He had suffered so much abuse at the hands of the Viking. The thought of Nathan with Tyr burned like liquid fire through his veins.

“…and you turn all caveman…”

“That’s my bed,” Gui whispered through clenched teeth.

Nathan turned to face Guillermo. “What is your problem?”

A rage tore through Guillermo. “That bed is mine, this room is mine, this club is mine—and you!” He closed the distance between Nathan and himself with vampire quickness, tackling Nathan to the ground. He crushed his lips against Nathan’s in a bruising kiss. “You are mine.”

His? Like property? Grabbing Gui’s collar, Nathan rolled the master vampire underneath him.

“No.” The Beast surged in Nathan once more. He could feel Guillermo’s struggle, the master vampire wanting—needing—to be the one in control. They rolled across the floor, tumbling their bodies in a myriad of arms and legs—grappling and pulling—both vampires fighting to make the other submit. Guillermo’s black irises glowed with silver light. It was the first time that Nathan had ever seen Gui’s forehead ridges. Hell, it was the first time he’d ever seen Guillermo out of control. Even in bed, Gui was the epitome of discipline. A fine dew of perspiration covered Guillermo’s chest, back and arms, making it harder for Nathan to keep his grip.

Guillermo roared in pure unadulterated rage, his fangs bared in threat and warning, but he didn’t strike. Nathan’s Beast usually receded in the presence of Guillermo’s, but not this time. It sensed weakness and would not relent.

Nathan roared back. A tingle of electricity coursed through him and his whole body sparked as he sent shocks into Guillermo.

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Four beats from Guillermo’s heart. It was enough to get the upper hand as Nathan grabbed Guillermo’s arms and rolled him again, pinning Gui beneath him once more.

He watched as the master vampire’s silvery eyes slipped back to black and his forehead smoothed. Nathan’s own Beast receded, leaving him with the consequences of what he’d just done.

“I’m sorry.” With the Beast gone, Nathan felt weak and exhausted. He rolled off Guillermo to lie next to him on the floor.

Guillermo shook his head. “For what? Tyr or kicking my ass?”

“Both, I suppose.” A twinge of pain hit Nathan’s stomach, reminding him that he hadn’t fed yet since waking. He rubbed his abdomen.

Guillermo propped himself on his side facing Nathan. The master vampire smoothed Nathan’s shoulder length brown hair as his eyes raked over Nathan’s naked body. “Madre Dios, you are handsome, amante.”

Nathan chuckled. Guillermo had called him amante, lover, and that one word represented forgiveness.

“I amuse you?”

God! Guillermo’s deep sexy voice sent shivers through Nathan, and sent his cock into full salute. “I’m not sure amuse is the right word.”


Nathan grinned. “Umm, well, sometimes you are very entertaining.”

Guillermo trailed his cool hand down Nathan’s chest making Nathan’s cock twitch. “What do you want?”

The question had become a game for the two vampires. It had at one time made Nathan uncomfortable to answer, embarrassed even, but now he looked forward to the question and the response in Gui when he answered. “You. I want you.”

Guillermo’s face drew tight with need. The black pools of his irises swirled like the eye of a storm. He bit his lower lip, bringing blood to the surface. “Beseme. Kiss me.”

Nathan’s lips met Gui’s in a hard kiss, thrusting his tongue between Guillermo’s teeth, exploring every inch of his lover’s mouth. The tang of blood filled his mouth, feeding his desire and hunger. “I want you… you. I want you,” he murmured.

“Then take me.”

Nathan ripped Gui’s blue silk shirt from his chest and threw the shredded cloth across the room. Next, his hands worked the buttons on Gui’s leather pants and yanked them down the master vampire’s long, lean muscled legs. He grabbed the lube, which had fallen from the bed, and slicked his cock with one hand. More roughly than he had intended, Nathan pushed Guillermo’s legs up and onto his shoulders, and applied a liberal amount of lubricant to Gui’s tightly puckered anus. Leaning forward, he thrust his cock into the unstretched canal. Guillermo moaned as Nathan buried himself to the balls in his ass. Nathan’s need for sex, his hunger for blood, made him feel out of control, an animal.

Wrapping his arm around Guillermo’s back, he yanked his lover forward onto his lap, allowing Gui’s legs to fall off his shoulders. Nathan pulled him close, tasting Gui’s mouth. Guillermo’s long body made his neck just the right height for Nathan’s bite. He sunk his fangs in, drinking long and deep from the master vampire. His lower body wanted to crawl into Guillermo, while his mouth pulled Gui’s blood into himself. His mind fought to control both ends.

Te quiero, amante,” Guillermo whispered.

Oh, God. Nathan could feel his orgasm building. Sitting on the ground, with Guillermo straddling him, Nathan’s movements were limited to small thrusts and gyrations. He wanted to stroke his cock in and out of Guillermo.

Holding Guillermo to his body, Nathan lifted him to the edge of the bed. Nathan withdrew his cock until only the head remained in Guillermo. The master vampire drew his legs up and cried out as Nathan drove his thick shaft in deeper. Nathan’s quick withdrawals and unrelenting forward lunges brought him to the border of rapture, his shaft stretching tight, ready to explode. He pressed his body to his lover’s.

Gui’s cock went rock hard between them and a howl tore from his lips. Hot semen sprayed between them as Gui’s orgasm caused his channel to spasm around Nathan’s cock. Nathan let go and roared as his body sparked and quaked while he came inside his lover.

Quiet stillness, with the exception of Guillermo’s now-beating heart, gathered in the room, surrounding Nathan like a warm blanket. He’d never felt the peace he had in Guillermo’s arms, not even before he’d been made a vampire.

Nathan brushed Gui’s sweat-soaked hair back from his face as the heartbeat faded. “I love you.”

Guillermo’s eyes widened. His dark eyes went liquid as he gently kissed Nathan. “You never cease to surprise me, Nathan.”

If Guillermo thought he was surprised, it was nothing compared to what Nathan felt. “I’m just as surprised as you are.” He hadn’t expected to say the words “I love you,” hadn’t premeditated their use. They had just tumbled from his lips in pure uncensored emotion.

A coolness swept Gui’s face. The stony, fixed stare he used when hiding his feelings. He raised himself from Nathan’s lap, Nathan’s softening cock sliding slowly out of Gui. “Do you wish to take it back? Sometimes people say things in the moment they do not really mean.”

Guillermo went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, leaving a stunned Nathan slumped on the floor. Saying things you don’t mean? Guillermo had told him twice now, in Spanish, that he loved Nathan, but both times had happened during sex. Is that what he meant? That he’d only said it in the heat of the moment without really meaning it?

Still dripping from his shower, Guillermo stepped into his bedroom. Nathan had already left. Nathan’s fierceness had surprised Guillermo. Of course, everything about the evening had been a surprise. Guillermo knew Nathan’s work schedule, and the young doctor wasn’t due to clock in for at least three more hours. He supposed Nathan had probably gone back to his apartment.

Between the fighting and the sex, he hadn’t asked Nathan about Tyr.

Chapter 2

Tyr used the master key he’d pocketed from Nathan’s apartment manager. He’d neglected to mention to Nathan that he’d been staying at the young vampire’s apartment for the last several weeks while his new master had been recovering from his wounds at Gui’s club. The place was smaller and less ornate than he was used to, but it had been convenient. As he opened the door, he saw an older woman humming and cleaning. Startled, she jumped and nearly fell over the couch.

“My land! Give an old woman a heart attack, why don’t you. What are you doing here? This is Nathan Greer’s apartment.”

Tyr sized up the lady. She was medium height, a little pudgy, grayish-green eyes, and unremarkable brown hair with gray streaks. “Uh, Nathan, Dr. Greer, gave me the key. He didn’t tell me he used a cleaning service. I apologize for scaring you.”

“You know my baby? Is he all right? I’ve been calling him for weeks and I haven’t heard from him.” She sat on the couch clenching her hands and picking at her fingernails. “Something’s happened, hasn’t it?”

So his master had a mother. It had been so long since he’d been around a vampire young enough to still have a living mother, it hadn’t even occurred to Tyr. “He’s fine, Ms…?”

“Mrs. Greer, but everyone calls me Nan.”

“He’s fine… Nan.”

“Oh, thank the good Lord in Heaven. I’ve been praying for him.” Tears welled in her eyes. “He never goes this long without calling me. I don’t know what that boy was thinking, putting me through all this worry and grief.”

Tyr felt helpless to comfort the woman who was so obviously unhappy, so he just stood there, saying nothing. Hoping she would stop crying and leave.

She didn’t.

“I can’t believe he didn’t return any of my calls. I drove all this way. I live down in the Ozarks, you know. It’s not a short drive.” Her grief was turning to pissed off. “I raised him better’n that. I’ll tell you what. I’ve got a good mind to just drive on down to that hospital of his and give him a talking to.”

Opportunity. “That sounds like a good idea, ma’am. I do believe he is working tonight,” Tyr lied. He didn’t know whether Nathan was working or not. He wanted to get rid of this woman.

“Oh now, don’t be so formal. You’ll make me blush. Just Nan, please.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Nan put her hands on her ample hips. “Do you work with my son?” She was eyeing Tyr’s long blond hair, and seemed to notice his size and his sword for the first time.

What the hell could Tyr say? He hadn’t had to deal with a parent in over seven hundred years. “I’m uh… Well, I sort of work for…”

Nan snapped her fingers. “You’re an actor aren’t you? One of those Shakespeare in the Park guys?”

Tyr shrugged. “Okay.”

She stood up and slowly approached him, cautiously like you would a lion at feeding time. “You’re a big fellow.” Nan squeezed his biceps. “Big.” Squaring her shoulders, she tilted her head back and looked Tyr straight in the eyes. “How do you know my son?”

Tyr, feeling a bit like a caged animal, took a step back. This lady apparently had no conception of personal space. “We’re…”

She snapped her fingers in an “ah ha!” moment. “He’s dating, isn’t he? That’s why Nathan hasn’t been around.”

Tyr was dumbfounded. “Well…”

Nan began pacing. “Oh, shoot. I had promised this nice girl from the church choir that I’d give him her phone number.” Throwing up her hands, Nan continued. “She’s a good catch, not like that Anna he dated in medical school. You know my Nathan is a doctor, right?” She smacked Tyr on the arm, much to his chagrin. “Of course, you know. Silly me. I swear I suffer from Old-timer’s disease.”

Tyr readied his excuse to leave the apartment, not able to take much more of Nan’s rhetoric when the door opened. He expected it to be Nathan. It wasn’t. Things were going from bad to worse.

“What the hell, pendejo?” Guillermo followed the question with the complete Spanish dictionary of curse words. Frankly, the display bored Tyr, but Nan, eyes wide and mouth agape, looked genuinely shocked.

“Excuse me, young man!” Her tone went to pure disciplinarian. “Do you kiss your mother with that potty mouth?”

Guillermo bared his fangs at her, causing Nan to nearly fall back onto the couch. “Yes. I did. And just who are you and why are you with this man in Nathan’s apartment?”

“Gui? Tyr?” With everything going on, no one had noticed Nathan’s homecoming. “Oh, my God! Mom?”

“Nathan!” Nan squealed, practically running across the room to her boy as he was starting to back out of the apartment, no doubt in a hasty retreat. She threw her arms around his waist. “Good land, child. I was sick with worry for you.” She looked at the two other men in the room. “Why are you hanging around with actors?”

Tyr looked at both Nathan and Guillermo, who both had gone much paler than normal. He chuckled softly and sat down. “This should be interesting.”


It was bad enough to have Gui and Tyr both at his home at the same time, but his mother? And why did she think they were actors? He supposed it was better than the truth. He could just imagine telling her they were both vampires, one his lover and the other… well, Nathan wasn’t quite sure what to call Tyr. “Mom, what are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? Nathaniel Milton Greer, I don’t give a gosh darn if you are a fancy shmancy doctor, you’re still my son. Why haven’t you returned my calls? One little phone call. Is that too much to ask? After I spent twenty-one hours in labor to bring you into this world, and it t’weren’t the easiest…”

As Nan prattled on, Nathan had the good sense to look ashamed and because of his fresh feeding on Gui, he even managed a blush. The answering machine blinked forty-three missed calls. He hadn’t bothered to check his messages the entire three weeks he’d spent recovering with Guillermo, and he was certain at least forty of the messages were from his mother. “I’m sorry. I should have called.”

“Darn tooting, you should’ve.” She fingered his hair. “You need a haircut. Living in the city is turning you into a hippie. Your daddy would roll over in his grave.”

Nancy Rebekah Greer was the Queen of Guilt. She had a distinct way of making Nathan feel five years old. Nathan glanced at Tyr who simply smirked, and Gui who still looked shocked. He wished like hell that both men would leave, but they weren’t budging.

“Now’s not a good time. I’ve got a night shift tonight at the hospital. Can I call you a cab to take you to your hotel?” Fingers crossed, he hoped she’d gotten a room somewhere.

Nan shrugged. “I’m staying at the Embassy Suites downtown. I was really hoping to visit more tonight.” Her expression softened. “I’ve really missed you, son. You never come home anymore.”

“I know. I’m sorry, Mom. We’ll catch up tomorrow evening. I promise. I’ll get my friend Sandra to cover for me.”

Tyr stood up. “Don’t bother with the cab. I’ll take Nan to her hotel.”

Nathan crooked his brow. “Maybe that’s not such a good idea.”

Nan smacked Nathan on the stomach. “Don’t be silly, boy. Tyr and I have become fast friends. He can drop me off.”

“Fast friends, huh?” The vibes he got from Tyr were so different to what he felt when around other people, or other vampires for that matter. There was an implicit unexplainable trust. “Well, drive safe. I wouldn’t be happy if anything happened to my mother.”

Nan piped in. “But before I go, you should properly introduce me to your other friend, don’t you think?”

Perdon, Señora Greer. I am Guillermo Perez.” Gui bowed to Nan. “It is my honor to meet you.”

“Guillermo? You Italian?”

“Alas, I am Spanish on my father’s side and Mexican on my mother’s.”

“Nathan tells me so little about his life up here.” She cocked her head to the right. “Well, at least you took out those phony fangs. They sort of creeped me out when you flashed them earlier. I suppose you actors really throw yourselves into the roles you play. Well, Guillermo, it’s nice to meet you.” She held out her hand to shake.

Gui took Nan’s hand and kissed her fingers. “Enchanting. I can’t believe such a young and beautiful creature is old enough to be Nathaniel’s mother.”

“I started young.” Nan giggled and blushed. “Oh, this one’s a charmer.”

Nathan shook his head. His mom had no idea. “Tomorrow night then, Mom?”

“Okay, baby. I can take a hint.” She kissed his cheek. “I love you.”

Nathan cleared his throat. “Love you, too.”

“Come along, Tyr. I think you should leave the sword though. Prop or not, it’s just plain weird.”

Tyr cast a questioning look to Nathan.

Nathan nodded.

Tyr unbuckled his sword and laid it on the table. He offered an arm to Nan, who took the massive man’s elbow and happily left the apartment with her Viking escort. Even with the door shut, Nathan could hear his mom asking Tyr, as they approached the elevator, if he had a decent car.

“So, amante, you have a mother?”

Nathan rolled his eyes. “You thought I was hatched?” He threw his jacket down on the couch. “What in God’s name were you and Tyr doing at my apartment?”

“I came looking for you. I have no idea what Tyrsgard Madds was doing here. He was chatting with your mother when I arrived.”

Nathan sighed. “Wonderful.”

“Which brings me to my next question. Why is Tyrsgard Madds suddenly calling you master?”

The question struck Nathan as funny. “Man, Gui, jealous much?”

Guillermo chewed his bottom lip, a gesture Nathan found completely sexy. “It is not jealousy, Nathaniel.”

“Bullshit.” Nathan chuckled, turning his back to Guillermo. In a flash, Gui was at his back, holding Nathan’s arms, lips pressed to his neck.

“You let him feed from you.” It wasn’t a question.

The tone of Gui’s voice set Nathan’s hair on edge—a mixture of anger, passion and desperation. Nathan had never let Guillermo feed from him. He hadn’t let anyone feed from him until Tyr. Fangs pressed against Nathan’s skin.


“How did it feel to let him take from you, to give of yourself to Tyr?”


“Did it make you feel powerful?”

Nathan struggled against Gui. “What game are you playing now?”

The vampire’s grip tightened. He whispered in Nathan’s ear. “Tyrsgard is attractive, no? Min was always very careful about the company he kept. Young… Beautiful… Strong… And Tyrsgard… muy grande, enormous. Min prized the Viking above all his other men. Giving him special little gifts to play with.” He bit off the last words, kissed Nathan’s ear and released him. “Forgive me, Nathaniel. Perhaps I am, as you say, jealous. But you barely know Tyrsgard Madds and you trust him with your own flesh and blood. I have to wonder.”

“I can’t explain it, Gui. I know.” Nathan poked the left side of his chest. “In here. I can trust him.”

Guillermo placed his hand on Nathan’s chest. “In here? You can feel it?” He shook his head. “Tsk, tsk. The only thing caged in here is a dead heart.”

“I just know.” Actually, it was Nathan’s Beast who knew—Tyr couldn’t betray him or disobey him, even if the Viking wanted to. “We’re bonded.”

“I see.” Guillermo dragged his fingertips down Nathan’s arms. “How does this bond work?”

Nathan, cock already hard, closed his eyes. “Every time.”

“Every time? I don’t understand.”

Nathan sighed heavily and opened his eyes, gazing at Guillermo’s intensely delicious face. “Every time you’re near me, touch me, talk to me, I get completely aroused. I forget why I’m happy, angry, sad, whatever. All I can think about is fucking you.”

“You’re avoiding the question.” Guillermo kissed Nathan. “But I like the way you think.”

“I really don’t know how we’re bonded, Gui. I only know that someway, somehow, when I killed Min, his bond to Tyr was transferred to me.” Nathan walked away from Guillermo, took off his shirt and threw it beside his jacket on the couch. “It’s not like I wanted to become anyone’s master.”

Guillermo made a noise deep in his throat. “You are not a master.”

“Is that what this is about? Because I’m Tyr’s master?”

“Relax, mi amante. You do not know Tyrsgard. He cannot be trusted and you are not strong enough to control him.” Guillermo threw up his hands, frustration edging his voice. “You can barely control yourself.”

“You know what? I can’t be around you right now.” Nathan wanted to say more, like how he’d bested Guillermo earlier in the evening, but he wasn’t certain if he had actually gotten the upper hand on the master vampire, or if he’d just gotten lucky. “Besides, I need to get ready for work and you have a club to run.” Nathan stalked back to his bedroom, leaving Guillermo alone.


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